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Call 9-1-1, it’s an emergency!

Apparently, there’s a program where you fly to Iraq, and in between combat, intelligence operations, and training, you build ramps with Saddam’s palace in the background. Billy Rohan went to Iraq and posted up some photos. It seems like the military is really open to these things, because it is not the first time it has happened.

Given how easy it is to merely assume skateboarders are all idiots, it is always good to read something like this that can remind us that some of our colleagues are actually capable of something beyond hating on video parts, drinking beer, and occasionally going a good kickflip back tail, in addition to showing the world that there’s more to it than ruining some ledges nobody else cared about to begin with.

The City of Philadelphia (as in, the government and public officials, not the people in Philadelphia) never ceases to be the worst, most youth-hating place on the East coast. How the hell do you skatestop a spot on top of blowing tons of money on “skate proofing” it via renovation six years ago? Not that it is really going to stop anybody, but Love Park has actually been skatestopped (seriously.) Spotted via Skate Nerd.

Habitat posted some ads for their upcoming Origin video on their Facebook page.

Some photos of Westchester’s Jose Pereya (of Dos Sandias infamy) on the Skateboarder Magazine website.

Number two on the Quartersnacks shortlist of insanely underrated video parts. So ridiculously ahead of its time. I had some shitty VHS dub of all the Plan B videos I got off eBay for $20 back in like 2000, before I knew anything and only watched the videos for Duffy and Rodney Mullen, but even then, knowing what year the last trick was in, it never made sense. It kind of helps that it’s set to one of the best hip hop songs to ever be in a skate part as well. The best nollie halfcab flip ever probably makes up for the switch willy grind he does afterwards.

New Jersey is still the realest state in the country, anybody saying otherwise, can save it. It is probably the only place you can get the quickest, bite-sized (in terms of state size) microcosmic tour of America. Red necks, yuppies, hoods, white trash, the mafia, Jay-Z, industrial waste, fields in Secaucus full of dead bodies, corrupt politicians, other rich people, regular white people, Cubans, Asians, Mexicans, Fred Gall, etc. — no other state packs in America within tight, polluted, and hard-to-navigate packaging like Jersey.

Before Kobe begins discussing how many more rings he has than Shaq, maybe he should consider talking about how many rings he has because of Shaq.

QS-favorite, Lil’ Boosie indicted for first-degree murder. Crazy one.

Quote of the Week:I would’ve gotten away [from the police] if it wasn’t for my fucking Destructo trucks.” – Anonymous Degenerate

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Saturday Night Links

Chris Keefe did an interview with Alex Corporan regarding his new book, Full Bleed, which is being released in New York on June 6th (only available at DQM), and worldwide/Amazon on August 10. The book is a collection of various photographers’ work surrounding skateboarders in New York, and not merely a one-photographer type deal a la Out & About. Features work by Spike Jonze, Bryce Kanights, Pepe Torres and Glen E. Friedman. There’s a really good portion of the interview where they talk about skating World Trade back when the Towers were still up. (The days when the Jersey crew & I would take the PATH from Hoboken to try to learn 5050s on the stone benches and grind around the wavy curbs right by them don’t really seem that long ago either.)

Pretty much everyone has already seen this, but Rodney got a guest board on Zoo in a “Master’s” series, or something of this sort, which commends New York O.G. skaters for throwing down all these years. Well-deserved the whole way, and it is going to be interesting so see who they choose for future boards if it turns into a series-type deal. The footage in the video is a retrospective montage, but there are a few new tricks in there. More than worth your time: “Just Cruising”, Circa-1996 “Wheels of Fortune” segment, & Rodney’s part from an early cut of Ian Reid’s Video. Also be sure to check out The Chrome Ball Incident’s Rodney post from a few months back.

Some footage of the Jersey homies: “Say ‘Queensbridge'”

Rob’s been posting Flip Cam clips over on his website every week or so. Overall highlights include HOLLYWOOD doing a “throwaway” TF line involving a feeble flip-out and E.J. giving the appropriate, seated-at-the-green-benches talk-through of the characters still striving for maintaining the authenticity of the TF.

Not related to this post of randoms, but related to life as a skateboarder, one of the most underrated video parts ever.

Quote of the Week:You know that saying, ‘If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere?’ Well, that doesn’t fucking apply to London.” – Billy Rohan

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Kobe sucks.