Weekend Viewing: Live From Summer 2006

Over the past four and a half years, Gigliotti has been worrying about a lost line he had filmed in the latter portion of summer 2006. It was a noseslide on a high ledge, followed by a bunch of flatground tricks in the middle of a stylish SoHo street. Despite whatever style points Michael had acquired for this late-night maneuver, he feared he may never see his line, for it was believed to be lost on a DV tape thrown in storage somewhere. The spot on which he filmed this trick was problematic, due to the fact that you had to wait until 3 or 4 A.M. for the restaurant / bar to close before you can skate it, so merely re-filming it was not the easiest of options. Michael kept devising plans to bribe Sam for access to his stored tapes, to little avail. He feared the cause may be lost. But then came today.

This is a clip filmed and edited by Sam Salganik, with most of the footage originating from late summer 2006 throughout the remainder of the year. Pretty much when everyone was a lot more productive on the skateboarding end of things, and Ben was frontside flipping the Wall Street Gap in two tries with like three feet of extra space after the gap. (Some of the footage appeared in this clip from January ’07.) Features Kevin Tierney when he was a few inches shorter and wearing his world renown Corn Pops tee shirt, Matthew Mooney, Pryce Holmes, Ty Lyons, Isak Buan, Taji Ameen, Leo Gutman, and of course, Michael Gigliotti.

There’s also a clean, good quality upload of Gnar Gnar up on Vimeo now as well.