She’s Garbage, Bud

“I like to keep my skateboarding romantic.” Photo by Rob Harris.

Torey Goodall does a four-trick line with no push in this Slam City Skates “Rat Signal” montage. He also has tricks in a Montreal-based “lost tapes” clip that went up last week. Check out his Quartersnacks / Quiksilver part from earlier this year in case you missed it. Da boy all ova da map. #NPBS

Skateboarders might be lightyears behind rappers in the chain game, but Spencer Fujimoto’s piece of an aerial view of the Love Park fountain is a step in the right direction for skater forays into high-concept jewelry. Where does one commission a diamond-encrusted Paine Webber bench piece?

The Richmond, VA-based Venue Skateboards adds a montage to the 2012 “Summer in New York clip” canon. You didn’t go to New York if you didn’t skate a cellar door. (They did.)

Brian Clarke with an Enid’s diss track at 12th & A, but not really.

Here’s a finalized photo of what Polar Skateboards’ cement gift to New York looks like. Think of it as a huge upgrade from the Graham and Grand bank-to-bank that got blocked off last year. How long it lasts is anyone’s guess.

The Hopps team spent a day in Detroit a while back, and shared some photos from the trip over at Vice. Doesn’t it seem like way more skateboarders are visiting Detroit nowadays?

Well, the employees of a certain Starbucks in the Financial District are certainly going to have a fun time dealing with skateboarders these next couple of weeks.

The Steady Lurking video is now on YouTube in seperate parts.

A Geo Moya cameo would’ve been nice, but you can’t have it all…Luis Tolentino skates around the streets of Flushing, Queens.

Black Dave has added financial advising to his repertoire. Watch him break down the latest developments in Dutch Masters, weave and ashiness commodity markets. There’s also a new interview with him over at the Berrics.

And speaking of the Berrics…Quote of the Week:

Just wait until 56k wins an Oscar.

There are some real psychos hanging by the Tribeca Park / westside waterfront area.

Timberland hoody with the Lucky Charms on the back

Brian Clarke – Backside Noseblunt in Battery Park. Photo by Joe Monteleone.

Holmes & Co., Jersey City’s finest skateboard and vintage menswear shop, will be hosting a one-year anniversary event on Friday, April 1st. This will coincide with a screening of A Year of Holmes, a short skate video by video-maker extraordinaire, Justin White. 8PM-10PM. Complimentary beer and Yoo-Hoo will be served. 203 Brunswick Street, between 7th and 8th Streets. Take the Path train to Grove Street, head west on Newark Avenue for about six or seven blocks until you hit Brunswick Street, and make a right. Jersey Dave is reportedly showing up in drag after losing a bet. Flyer here.

This has apparently been the case for a minute, but the Parks Department installed a fence around the back perimeter of the basketball courts at Vernon-Jackson. You can still skate most of the spot, except the ledges from the side path that drop down into the court.

Skateboarding in Philly never “died.” Skateboarding in Center City died (with a few exceptions.) Even though it has made several rounds on the internet this week, this Stop Fakin’ 2 promo is proof of that. There’s still a ton of stuff out there if you have the right people to take you around, or you don’t mind skating over planters.

Solid New Jersey and outlying area clip from Kevin Winters. Skaters love timelapses like Mexicans love Morrissey.

File under “Dude, I like, saw this already” — Joey Pepper: The Video Part That Should Have Been. Features all of the footage from Expedition’s Madness promo, a lot of extras, and a lot of high fives. Skaters love high fives like white people love Wu-Tang.

Vu Skateshop mini-ramp clip, with a lot of Daewon-channeling maneuvers. Noseblunt stall nollie front foot flip out?

If you’re into Jason Dill’s non-skateboarding related endeavors, here’s a preview of his collaboration with the Fuck This Life ‘zine.

You really have to give it up to this old video of Dipset at the Source Awards for its uncompromising artistic pursuit at bodega set design. (This is what the block actually looks like.) The absolute pinnacle of Dipset’s existence. Cam still kills it, but it makes you wish the rest of them stuck to the musical sensibilities that coincide with 5XL sweatpants.

Quote of the Week:I think it’s okay to make fun of the brown pants skaters…you have to bust their balls a little bit.” — Roctakon

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