About those updates…

From last season’s unreleased Supreme lookbook.

The only thing left in the QS web store is size medium tees. 4XL tall tees coming soon! Thanks again to whoever purchased something for their support of the site.

Prodigy came home today.

Since merging the “scene” with the board in the world of footwear two years ago, Dylan Rieder’s status as a emerging fashion icon has become unquestionable. He became a legend to all those who wished to rip the streets in the day, ice coffee in hand and fashionable shoes on feet, while pursuing the love of rich, well-to-do white girls in the late evenings. But merely stopping at footwear would be selling short, as the upper percentiles of fashionably-inclined skateboarders need much more than silhouette-complimenting pants and Dylan’s trademark Gravis model. Enter Gravis’ new line of man bags. No longer will we be confined to rinky-dink Jansports, dusty Osiris G-Bags (not really), or Paulgar’s unmistakable cotton tote — a new era for carrying things around with you is upon us. Remember, it’s not a purse, it’s European.

The big question of the week: If Twitter is the internet’s form of a beeper, will somebody soon channel Kareem Campbell and Tweet in the middle of a line? Via RE1000 and Frozen in Carbonite.

Considering Galen’s blog has been updated about as many times as Eddy Curry has played in a game these past three years, it must be acknowledged that there are some new photos up there from Japan, less party-inclined life in the Midwest, and various other debauchery.

Some embarrassing, best-we-could-do bail photos from a skate night we have been doing at Below the Bridge Park these past few weeks, in hopes of learning how to skate again after a winter full of coming home at 4 AM, and using skateboards as bottle openers.

While on the subject, everyone involved with Flipmode is still good, and doesn’t suck, like we do. (Actually, Josh can kind of still skate well.) View their clip from House of Vans as evidence.

Apparently, after pouring in considerable resources into skateproofing, ticketing, and any other possible measure that could be taken to discourage skateboarding, the city of Philadelphia decided it would just be best to break costly marble into pieces so no one could sit, skate, look at, or utilize it in any way. The best thing about the plan is that it clearly backfired. Good to know that they prefer shattered marble over some black wax marks around the edge. Another great move by a city that loves skateboarding!

Low Card has a New York feature in their new issue.

Quote Slang Editorial of the Week:

From the desk of T. Barrow. From a few years ago, hence the Myspace reference.

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