Iron Claw Skates: Faux One One VM #1

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While we lament the demise of’s 411 collection and impatiently wait for Skateboarder‘s archive to fill out, the Iron Claw crew took it upon themselves to begin producing new issues of the seminal video magazine.

Contrary to the opinions of often-wrong message board pundits everywhere, participants in Slap‘s 2012 “One in a Million” festivities did not have their lives ruined. Kennedy Cantrell filmed a sick part and Matt Militano even makes an appearance in the “Chaos” section (though he doesn’t ride for the Claw like Kennedy does) for Life Ruiner Lurker Lou’s company, so there *IS* in fact light at the end of the tunnel for O.I.A.M. 2012 participants. Otherwise, Fred Gall is the east coast Lance Mountain, Cyrus Bennett comes through with his second solid part in a few months (hopefully the first one makes it online sometime soon), Phil Rodriguez makes his first non-Flipmode/Bronze appearance, Lou accurately tour guides you through the Williamsburg Bridge monument so you have no reason to ever go there again, and has his first full part in several years. Solid all-around video and a cool concept for tweens and nostalgists alike. Check out their site at

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Out of Office Reply / Best Posts of 2012

And the award for “Outstanding Achievement in Instagram by a Pro Skateboarder” goes to

If you follow us on the ‘Gram or look at the sidebar, you may have noticed that we have been in London on “holiday” / skating Southbank / enjoying the “fun as oppossed to boring” company of Torey Goodall for the past week. Be back in a few days. List season is upon us, so expect the first installment of our annual “Events That Defined New York Skateboarding” countdown towards the middle of the week. Best of 2012 clip soon. In the meantime, browse the countdowns from previous years.

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While we’re at it, here is a list of some of the better/more popular QS posts from 2012.

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Also: Quote Tweet of the Week Year

Skate Wax – What Else Can They Do?

We assume that skate wax, much like toilet paper, is an invention that cannot be further developed. Both subjects fit into the “George Costanza Book of Game,” in which he expounds on their un-improvability, and eventually scores a car make-out. George reluctantly learns that toilet paper has been improved throughout his lifetime — softer, more sheets per roll, and it comes in a wide variety of colors. Had he chosen to discuss skate wax, a similar realization of neglected improvements would have occurred. For example, Chocolate scented their wax with the food item after which their company was named, Shake Junt somehow managed to make ignorant wax, and now Iron Claw Skates has concealed wax inside a children’s glue stick.

To celebrate this unprecedented improvement to the skate wax industry, Iron Claw has released a summer montage. Features Lurker Lou, Tyler Mate, Kennedy Cantrell, and your favorite skater’s favorite skater, Phil Rodriguez.

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Frame via Mehring. Sorry that Rob’s a bit blurry. Hate hate HATE that Instagram replaced Tumblr for things that Tumblr was way better at doing, e.g. not compressing skate photos into goddamn 700px size, but then again, I’m sure someone was going on about the same thing when all the mags were going under, so…

Pssst…shops are getting spring/summer QS stuff in now. Online next Monday, May 13. More info soon ♥

The first Blobys edit in over a year! This one got a good deal of burn these past few days. Roman Gonzalez is the all-time leading scorer of making visual poetry out of tricks nobody else is getting away with :)

I guess people are just, like, nosepicking the side of the building at Blue Park now?

Lurker Lou premiered his new part — filmed entirely in purple Adidas Campus shoes he kept finding in Cape Cod Marshall’s locations — on a box truck decked out with L.E.D. screens this past weekend. Village Psychic made a video profile with Lou about his footwear-based artwork over on their site.

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Family Not A Group™

The first remix tribute to Pablo Ramirez that we’ve come across ♥

Congrats again to Antonio Durao on the pro board. Despite the recent growth of #skatetwitter, skateboarders are still way more partial to the ‘gram — so we’ll just leave the thread of Antonio odds ‘n ends that we have been compiling since July on here for the non-tweeters to peruse.

Genny is making edits again! His latest features some bro cam + a bunch of alternate angles from a handful of more proper projects released over the past twelve months. It ends with a sick iPhone slo mo of T.J’s fakie flip over Bond Street, which is basically just a barometer for believing anything done on a skateboard from now on, e.g. “Can you believe so-and-so did that?” “Well, T.J. fakie flipped Bond Street, so yeah.”

A bunch of Virginia dudes who remind me of Vine’s glory days put together an eight-minute New York edit entitled “Bevel.”

Quintessence is a new video from Sam Mccormick that was filmed from 2013 to 2019, and features an overview of every piece of New York crust or diamond-plate that was sought after in each of those years, kinda on a Now That’s What I Call Cellar Doors 2015 vibe. Includes full parts from Joseph Delgado and Neil Herrick at the end. (Jackmauh is a sick last name, btw.)

“Obviously skating is hard as fuck.” Live has an interview with Pete Spooner about Skating Is Easy and his other six full-length skate videos + a web premiere of Grady Moquin and Josh Manoles’ part from his latest project.

Always fun to see footage from a place you know nothing about: our friends from Medellín took the trip up to Panama City and made this fun edit.

Here’s a rad video profile on the guy who runs the Look Back Library, an archive that strives to preserve every skateboard magazine ever released, which was inspired by the Little Free Library project.

Jenkem has a “Hanging Out” thing with F.A. rider, Beatrice Domond.

Seems like Skateboard Story interviewed Naquan about the Gangcorp video last week, too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lurker Lou is having an art show for his “Purple Shoe Lou” project this Saturday, May 4. 269 Humboldt Street. (Grand Street L train…does that thing run on weekends rn?) 7-10 P.M. Flyer here.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: C’mon. We’re sympathetic to the Thunder’s plight in that its oddly reminiscent of the “good” Knicks teams from earlier in the 2010s (moreso now in the Russ-only era…not the whole “drafting three MVPS and only having one left” thing), and we’re obvs massive Russ fans at the QS Sports Desk, but Dame’s shot was one of the most iconic playoff moments in any of our lifetimes. And apparently Portland-based skate filmer, Tristan Brillanceau-Lewis, who put out Portland Public Skating 2 last summer, in addition to a bunch of other videos, shot this close-up angle of Lillard’s game winner.

Quote of the Week: “This drink tastes like melted Spongebob ice cream.” — E.J.

Hearing there was a “b sides” Jay-Z concert at the re-opened Webster Hall the other night made me want to track this part down, so here it is. Zered pretty much has the two best Jay-Z song parts, and both are for “b-sides” (“Lobster & Shrimp” had a video and everything, but that shit is buried in the pile.)