#QSTOP10 — December 4, 2020

Might be one of those “This is a bit too gnar for QS”-weeks, but the #1 — like, you can’t help but laugh once the second angle comes on because of how insane it is.

…and the Jamie Foy tricks in that Deathwish video are also so psychotic that it was almost more starling to watch him skate a marble out ledge that your friends have skated. Then he backside noseblunts the Heath Sight Unseen cover rail in the next clip…

A lot going on this week, and yes, most of it is centered around the Cons and Deathwish videos. Tried to add a few indies when possible ;) have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via @elijah_gordon on IG [link]
10) Hiroki Muraoka via Third Shift part [link]
9) Johnny Purcell via “Right Here” part [link]
8) Jake Johnson via Cons’ Seize the Seconds video [link]
7) Leon Charo-Tite via “Unsigned Hype” part [link]
6) Taylor Kirby via Deathwish’s Uncrossed video [link]
5) Milton Martinez via Cons’ Seize the Seconds video [link]
4) Jamie Foy via Deathwish’s Uncrossed video [link]
3) Louie Lopez via Cons’ Seize the Seconds video [link]
2) Alexis Sablone via Cons’ Seize the Seconds video [link]
1) Pedro Delfino via Deathwish’s Uncrossed video [link]


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  1. Love seeing something on IG during the week and intuitively knowing it will end up as the Top 10 intro

  2. there have been so many long 5050s this year that I am numbed to Delfino’s. What is better about it than all the others?

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