#QSTOP10 — December 18, 2020

Perhaps the first time that a guest trick in someone else’s part has made top honors. If you’ve seen the part, you already know ;) Whole thing is very sick though.

Also, this will be the last Top 10 for the year. Next Friday is Christmas day, and the Friday after that is New Years Day. That period between the two is typically a deadzone for #content, but then again, Reverb dropped that week last year, so who knows. You can navigate your own skate clips that week ♥

(Best of 2020 edition on the way though.)

Original Clips:


Intro via @placemag on IG [link]
10) Keith Denley via Traffic’s Third Shift video [link]
9) Kevin Coakley via Traffic’s Third Shift video [link]
8) Akobi Williams via Melodi’s “Passing Through” video [link]
7) Tyler Dietterich via Content part [link]
6) Dan Fisher-Eustance via Free part [link]
5) Luke Malaney via Traffic’s Third Shift video [link]
4) Max Murphy via “StrangeLove Presents: The Sean Cliver x Nike SB Holiday Dunk” [link]
3) Elijah Berle’s “Closeout the Year” part [link]
2) Carl Aikens via Melodi’s “Passing Through” video [link]
1) Dougie George via Dan Fisher-Eustance’s Free part [link]


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