#QSTOP10 — December 11, 2020

John’s Vid and other things. Anyone pointing out the re-shuffled nature of their Readers Poll picks right now is absolutely correct — however, the internet gods decided that all “Year in Review” content has to be published in before Christmas long before QS was ever publishing “Year in Review” content. We don’t make the rules baby!

Karsten Kleppan For A.S.O.T.Y. (Amphibious Skater of the Year.)

Original Clips:


Intro via Karsten Kleppan in Nike SB’s “Norgesferie” video [link]
10) Robbin De Wit via “Free Part” [link]
9) Alex Richard via “Rave Part” [link]
8) Will Marshall via IG [link]
7) Casper Brooker via IG [link]
6) Davide Holzknecht via “Mecas” part [link]
5) Franco via John’s Vid [link]
4) Andrew Wilson via John’s Vid [link]
3) Max Palmer via John’s Vid [link]
2) Nik Stain via John’s Vid [link]
1) Cyrus Bennett via John’s Vid [link]


Previously: December 4, 2020


  1. Cyrus “Cryus” Bennett is the man. First thing I’m doing this weekend is picking up a 917 board because I wanna support his skating.

  2. John’s Vid was cool but Nik Stain victimized an old man at seaport which was kind of mean, but still understandable since that’s just how he skates.

    Also, why no AO, Antonio, Jalba, John Choi, or Keith clips in John’s Vid? AO can still pull an AVE in his 30s if he’s not kookin like he has been recently with the fashion and yoga in the van gambit.

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