#QSTOP10 — November 20, 2020

We have officially entered skateboarding’s Oscars season. Heavy on the stuff pulled off Thrasher this week, but that’s what happens during awards season. Also stoked to see Naquan Rollings edits front and center on the Thrasher homepage :)

Have said a million times before that these things are always meant to be fun and arbitrary, but this week is ESPECIALLY arbitrary. Because, like, saying the sentence “Yeah, a perfect back smith down the Le Dome hubba wasn’t the best skate trick uploaded to the internet this week” out loud is absolutely fucking preposterous. All of your “#__ should’ve been #__!” commentary is correct.

Enjoy the weather ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @z00ub on IG [link]
10) Daan Van Der Linden via Independent’s “Sardinas a la Plancha” video [link]
9) Kader Sylla via “Thankyouvans” [link]
8) João Galvão via IG [link]
7) Kentaro Powell via Naquan Rollings’ “BUSS” video [link]
6) Shareef Grady via Naquan Rollings’ “BUSS” video [link]
5) Lucas Puig via IG [link]
4) Vincent Milou via Independent’s “Sardinas a la Plancha” video [link]
3) John Shanahan via DC Shoes “Cargo Sneaker” part [link]
2) Mason Silva via “Spitfire Part” [link]
1) Tom Knox via “Atlantic Drift – Episode 11” [link]


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  1. daan really feels like he let up once he caught that swoosh check.

    feel like he was in early soty talks when he first came out, now just pops up in a euro edit here and there.

    i do dig his max palmer style trick in paris though.

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