#QSTOP10 — November 13, 2020

Cutest roll-up 2020

Glue, Primitive and pressure flips.

Obvs the Glue video deserves your undivided attention. It’s an immersive experience in a way that this weekly clipshow can’t really summarize.

Also, is 4th Quarter low-key the best Primitive video?

Happy Friday the 13th + first full Tom Knox part since Vase day + Future & Uzi drop day.

Last but far from least: Happy birthday Zered Bassett

Original Clips:


Intro via Colombian meme account lol [link]
10) Cher Strauberry via Glue Skateboards’ “SMUT” video [link]
9) Myles underwood via Orchard Skateshop’s “EGG” video [link]
8) Grayson Schick via Tumultuous part [link]
7) Robert Neal via Primitive’s 4th Quarter part [link]
6) Leo Baker via Glue Skateboards’ “SMUT” video [link]
5) Giovanni Vianna vvia Primitive’s 4th Quarter part [link]
4) Trent McClung via Primitive’s 4th Quarter part [link]
3) Miles Silvas via Primitive’s 4th Quarter part [link]
2) Tom Knox via NB#’s “Tom Knox NM440H” commercial [link]
1) Hyun Kummer via Flytecc’s “Hyun On The Beat” part [link]


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  1. never took uzi seriously as an artist until the qs cosign a while ago but eventually realized he’s a goat

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