Spots & The City

Classic Illustration via Charles Rivard PhD

Updated the spot book for the first time in a long time.

What started as a quarantine project in the earliest days of lockdown, turned into a web of tiny, tedious tweaks — sort of like cleaning your apartment for the first time in a llooonnnnggggg time. Will try not to let it get this out of date again.

If you live in or around New York, none of this will be news to you. The barometer for the spots page has always been a rough overview of what has been appearing in videos, so anything undergoing a longstanding coverage drought was scrapped for the sake of being current, while this is way too new. Obviously, spot apps are evolved now, but those things also sometimes list like, the dumbest shit that nobody has ever skated, and we’re trying to be a bit more consensus-based here.

Shout out to the rollerblader who came up to me in a nightclub in like 2014 to say the spots page “missed a few things.” (“I don’t skateboard but I fuck with y’all.” Love ya too, baby ♥)

Shout out to the goat over at Skhateyou. Forever inspirational.

Gonna go do some stretches and make a martini ♥

Also going to scratch out “spots page” from the past six months’ worth of uncompleted to-do lists.

Make sure you’re registered to vote this November.

Bless ;)

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  1. i rarely get out street skating these days (maybe a few times a year), but have got to say i thoroughly enjoyed clicking through that and seeing which highlight got ascribed to each spot. good work.

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