#QSTOP10 — October 30, 2020

Sort of a random week — tried to focus on things that were not already overwhelmingly rotated on the IG #RP circuit.

The #1… everyone has seen that set, everyone has talked about it, but if you know where it is, it makes a lot of sense why nobody has done it yet. It’s wild. Always gotta give preference to a local NBD, even if people are doing psychotic shit on some famous spot thousands of miles away ;)

Happy birthday Pad Dowd, emerging S.O.T.Y contender ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @guillaumne on IG [link] 10) Tommy May via “Surfin'” part [link] 9) Roman Gonzalez via “P2” video [link] 8) Max Wasungu via IG [link] 7) Dan Pulnkett via Stratosphere’s Club Strat video [link] 6) Olli Ilmonen via “Few Pounds Co. Promo” [link] 5) Mason Silva via “A REAL Short Part” [link] 4) Ethan Loy via “Pro Debut” part [link] 3) Simon Bannerot via Girl & Volcom’s “Pretty Stoned” video [link] 2) Axel Cruysberghs via Vans Europe’s “Kingdom For A Cooler” video [link] 1) @akeemvstheworld via IG [link]


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