#QSTOP10 — October 23, 2020

Extended countdown this week, clocking in at almost three minutes.

The #1 might be up there with the Milton carwash kickflip in terms of prolific huckery — if you’ve seen it, you already know what it is.

The Broth video out of New Orleans is an amazing full-length diving into a scene tucked in a part of the country that seems wholly of its own aesthetic. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and you know those last two parts are choice ♥

Shout out Will Miles and everyone else involved for really going for American viewers’ heartstrings in terms of rubbing in our current web of travel restrictions via a fizzy red wine.

Happy birthday Torey G ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @tommytowns_ on IG [link] 10) Korahn Gayle via “Lambrusco” by Will Miles [link] 9) Jordan Trahan via Broth [link] 8) Ville Wester via “Lambrusco” by Will Miles [link] 7) Elijah Ackerly via FFFurther part [link] 6) Lucas Puig via IG [link] 5) Cody Chapman via IG [link] 4) Philly Santosuosso via Broth [link] 3) John Dilo via “Boss Fight” part [link] 2) Casper Brooker via “Lambrusco” by Will Miles [link] 1) Zane Timpson via FFFound part [link]


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  1. Nah no disrespect to #1 but the Milton Carwash is str8 up DETH. All things considered #5 was a valid huck too

  2. Ya just maybe placed the two together bc that was the last time a trick incited an audible yell at the screen like this one did.

    Feel like someone on here was saying they liked the Magnified more than the actual Milton part a while ago? That thing def helped propel the mythology of that trick to where it needed to be too.

  3. #1 embodies this year in skateboarding IMO. not overly technical, but wildly sudden, over a gap, incorporates a wallride, high risk (though fine we can agree miltons carwash clip was more dangerous

  4. Number 2 had some Mike Carrol vibes, very enjoyable. Number 1 was absolutely fucking bananas. The carwash is a landmark, so tricks on it are weighed more heavily, but there is no denying that thing is fucked. Actually, dude should do it on the carwash, same orientation.

  5. Why not credit the skateboarders & filmer in the Instagram post? You’re using other people’s content to promote your own brand but have nothing to do with the content… with no credit or shout out given besides actual names of skateboarders. That’s wack as fuck, put all the skateboarders & filmer’s handles or video links or credits in the first comment.

  6. I only know the actual names of “the GX dudes” because of watching Top 10 so saying writing someone’s name amounts to “no credit” when not writing the names in videos themselves seems to be the norm these days is a bit of a reach

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