A Reminder To Keep Social Distance @ Skateparks If You’re At One That’s Still Open

Photo via @todd__fisher on IG

Update — April 7: All New York City skateparks are officially closed. Yes, you get a fine if they catch you hopping the fence.

Unlike playgrounds and basketball courts, skateparks are not yet officially under closure by Governor Cuomo’s orders. However, we have seen mixed reports on social re: police showing up at skateparks and having everyone leave because of the group numbers.

Obviously the safest thing to do is stay home, but the fact that city parks — with the aforementioned exception of playgrounds and basketball courts — remain open, means that it is not against social distancing protocols to go for a solitary skate, or with a roommate you’re hypothetically quarantined with (for now.)

The Parks Department reached out to the skate community asking to help get the word out about maintaining social distancing measures at skateparks, or they will be forced to close them. That means you shouldn’t be huddled in groups at skateparks, dapping your homie up after he switch hardflips the hip, sharing smokes (Jesus…), etc. Better yet: wear gloves, wear a mask, carry a bottle of price-gauged hand sanitizer, and stay six feet apart if you feel inclined to visit a city park at this incredibly shitty time.

Or you know, you can stay home.

All of this, like the entire COVID-19 situation, changes hour-to-hour, so this information could be outdated by the evening. We were asked to help get the word out, and now you know ♥ take care.


  1. Being an ICU nurse, I would recommend staying at home and not skating. Reason being, if you get hurt while skating and need medical attention you will place added strain on an already strained system, place yourself and others at risk. Best to stay and home and continue social distancing.

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