QS Top 10 — October 19, 2018

If your favorite genre of skateboarding is massive kickflips set to Chief Keef, then this past week was particularly relevant to your interests.

It looked like it was bound to be a slow one, with everyone already knowing what the #1 would be, but lest it get lost in a no-context Thrasher video abyss, you should check out Hulkripps 3. Can’t tell much about it beyond a few recognizable Ohio spots, a lot of lllooonnnggg rails, and an abundance of Foundation boards with Nikes, but it manages to create a distinct ~mood~ for a 2018 midwest video without having to resort to artsy Super-8 cut-ins, or really anything that isn’t just a skate clip (e.g. it’s stark just how empty the background of much of the video is, like 85% of the clips were filmed at eight in the morning on a Saturday or some shit.)

Original Clips:


Intro via Instagram [link] 10) Austin Pastura via Hulkripps 3 [link] 9) Brandon Westgate via “Element – Keith Haring” [link] 8) John Clemmons via Hulkripps 3 [link] 7) Louie Lopez via IG [link] 6) Nick Merlino via “Magnified” [link] 5) Cotie Robinson via Hulkripps 3 [link] 4) Shawn Butler via “Shawn Butler of The Bronx, New York” [link] 3) Devin Abner via Hulkripps 3 [link] 2) Billy Davenport via “Blue” part [link] 1) Corey Glick via Souvenir part [link]


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