Quartersnacks Top 10 — September 14, 2018

Late one today, blame Dustin Henry.

The office checked out for Glory Challenge before getting to the newer “Battle of Normandy” edits, so we’ll get to those next week. See everyone in Montreal! ♥

…and mentioned it on social, but if you e-mailed for stickers on Wednesday BEFORE 10:57 A.M. New York time, keep a lookout in your mailbox this weekend (maybe you’ll have to wait til next week if you’re out west though.)

Original Clips:


Intro via @alltimers on IG [link] 10) Chewy Canon via “Battle of Normandy 2018: Palace” [link] 9) Josef Scott Jatta via “Battle of Normandy: 2018” [link] 8) Ruben Spelta via “Battle of Normandy 2018: Magenta” [link] 7) Lucas Puig via “Battle of Normandy 2018: Palace” [link] 6) Nick Michel via “prob not all nicks worth peath extras” [link] 5) Jed Anderson via Baby Blue part [link] 4) Tyler Surrey ia “Battle of Normandy: 2018” [link] 3) Wacson Mass via Adidas’ “Selva de Pedra” video [link] 2) Jake Johnson via IG [link] 1) Pedro Delfino via “Welcome to Deathwish” part [link]


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