Columbus Park Update

Alternate View #1, Alternate View #2

You can skate Columbus Park in full again!

The runway to the two block is good! (Well, about a third of the court got taken over by rubber, but you should still be good, more or less…)

The handicap rail is no longer with us. The runway for it has been covered in rubber to provide a surface for the exercise equipment that the Parks Department installed in place of one-third of the basketball court. Maybe you have a tiny bit of space to land if you’re going up it, but otherwise, it is rather useless.

Just another chapter in the most skated lower Manhattan spot of the 2010s. Whether or not it will lose some of its marketshare as downtown’s premier bust-free attraction post renovation remains to be seen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sometimes it only takes a small change to really screw with a spot’s feng shui.

Thanks Kyota for the intel.

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