Rough Idea Vol. 2 — Alltimers in Miami B-Sides

Below is another round of B-sides from the filming of Alltimers’ No Idea video, centered around Miami’s resurgence as a premier sunny getaway for the east coast’s winter months. (You know damn well those JFK ➙ SJU tickets started to outnumber the JFK ➙ MIA ones over the past few years.)

Filmed around some city classics, and some less-recognizable bits, the video features pretty much everyone with any footage in No Idea, except the two Boston guys (presumably because boardslides on ledges are a Florida requirement? Idk.)

Filmed by Corey McNeill.

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  1. Why even put out b-sides? They make one “video” and four fucking volumes of b-sides, leftovers, remixes and whatever else you want to call footy that wasn’t good enough for a real video. These dudes are milking it. Need to work on the graphic art skills because every graphic is a bite or a stupid ass photo. Two thumbs down.

  2. Blundell, lol, enough said. These dudes are whack, they try way too hard to be having fun.

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