Quartersnacks Top 10 — March 9, 2018

Ok, enough controversy for one week! Back to some good, old fashioned, hot skateboard moves!

The biggest and most pleasant surprise of the past week was J.B. Gillet coming through with a four-minute part every bit as good as you’d expect a J.B. Gillet part to be…like even ten years ago. If we were to base a consensus on his sparse appearances in the few final Cliché projects, this was completely unexpected. (Related: Our J.B. loosies remix from spring 2016.)

The most unpleasant surprise was some actual devil editing like fifteen seconds of “Devil’s Pie” into the start of this part, only to cut it off. I get that J.B. and French rap are synonymous in skateboarding, but that was stupid.

Original Clips:


Intro via IG [link] 10) Levon Conkin via Comb [link] 9) Dana Ericson via IG [link] 8) Ruben Spelta via “188, Villains” [link] 7) Gustav Tonnensen via IG [link] 6) Martino Cattaneo via “BITTE FOLGEN” [link] 5) Zach Panebianco via “188, Villains” [link] 4) Gary Almeida via YouTube [link] 3) Jackson Pilz via IG [link] 2) Spencer Hamilton via IG [link] 1) J.B. Gillet via “Nike-O-Mok” part [link]


Original Clips: March 2, 2018

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  1. It is actually shocking that JB has put out solid parts in THREE different DECADES. Don’t know what they’re feeding him over there, but keep killing it. Jeez.

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