Quartersnacks Top 10 — March 30, 2018

Heavy on the Huf and Spitfire vids this week. Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @marcinhoziqueira on IG [link] 10) Clive Dixon via “El Toro Relapse” [link] 9) Louie Lopez via IG [link] 8) Austyn Gillette via “HUF 001” [link] 7) Frank Gerwer via Spitfire’s “Ecuador Hellride” video [link] 6) Lucas Puig via IG [link] 5) Brad Cromer via “HUF 001” [link] 4) Ale Cesario via IG [link] 3) Grant Taylor via Spitfire’s “Ecuador Hellride” video [link] 2) Jake Anderson via “HUF 001” [link] 1) Justin Drysen via “HUF 001” [link]


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