The Official 2017 S.O.T.Y. Alternate Reality Remix

The time? December 2017. The place? The buzzing hallways of the Quartersnacks office — editors scrambling to determine which 25 events from the past year impacted New York life the most. The off-hand topic? S.O.T.Y. Our take? Well, it had to be between Enrique Lorenzo on High Grade Steroids x5, or the sleeper contender in America’s sweetheart. The reality? Thrasher gave it to the big boy.

No disrespect — but he took third place of most discussed around the QS water cooler, some 3,000 miles from Thrasher‘s H.Q.

We took the concept of Boil the Ocean’s most ambitious bizzaro world S.O.T.Y. post a few steps further. In a year where Time gave its “Person of the Year” honors to a group rather than an individual, we propose an alternate reality for 2017’s skater of the year.

Shout out to Dana Ericson for help on the graphics, and Diego Meek on the dubbing ♥


  1. Louie to BLVD? Hands Up Hawthorne!

    *Arto’s right The Mindfield re-edit was the best! You should do an anniversary post when it comes up.

  2. So is there anyway every trick in the top 10 tomorrow is not gonna be Nyjah? I mean I can’t relate to him but there are at least ten tricks in his part that are crazier than anything else done in skateboarding this week.

  3. The east coast doesn’t have long enough rails you poser. And I wouldn’t be caught dead driving any of my whips in philly… *free meek*

  4. Harlem has some ridiculous rails right by the highway there’s a 46 stair hand rail painted red about the size of your hips if your around 511 if u Fuck that up tho it’s a 15 ft drop to the concrete. Nyjah would probably make it idk u can Ollie as high as u can pick up your leg u know

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