Quartersnacks Top 10 — February 9, 2018

Longtime readers already know that late posts during #nyfw are a QS office tradition.

Europeans running things this week. Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via Twitter [link] 10) Vincent Touzery via “Zdroopy” [link] 9) Shor West via Evisen Video Part [link] 8) Fran Molina via IG [link] 7) Austin Thongvivong via IG [link] 6) Willem van Dijk via “POP Clip #33” [link] 5) Flo Mirtain via “Habitat Welcomes Flo Mirtain” [link] 4) Korhan Gayle via IG [link] 3) Vert God via Stop Fakin’ 3 part [link] 2) Raven Tershy via IG [link / link] 1) Oskar Rozenberg via IG [link]


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