Quartersnacks Top 10 — December 8, 2017

It’s one of those weeks where the #1 is quite obvious, especially if you’re awarding #significance based on social media reposts :)

We should be caught up on shipping orders from the first few days of the webstore today. Still a good bit of hats left, plus some sizes in tees, etc. Otherwise, our stockist page for holiday 2017 is officially *officially* OFFICIALLY up to date as of today. Thanks everyone for your support and have a good weekend.

Original Clips:


Intro via @typicalculutre on IG [link] 10) Shinpei Ueno via IG [link] 9) Magnus Bordewick via Adidas’ “RŌZU” video [link] 8) Juan Virues via “Welcome to Villains” part [link] 7) Tyler Warren via IG [link] 6) Gustav Tonneson via Adidas’ “RŌZU” video [link] 5) Dennis Buesnitz via Adidas’ “RŌZU” video [link] 4) Daan Van Der Linden via Volcom’s “RV Rampage” video [link] 3) Diego Najera via via Wayward Wheels’ “Sh*t-Shower-Sheesh” video [link] 2) Milton Martinez via Volcom’s “RV Rampage” video [link] 1) Pasha Tretyakov via IG [link]


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