Quartersnacks Top 10 — December 15, 2017

Late one, but it’s a sketchy time of year, as we all know ;)

A bit of wizardry on round rails this week. Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @dimemtl on IG link] 10) Landon Avramovic via “Big Country” [link] 9) Stephen Lawyer via Sk8mafia’s Brain Gone video [link] 8) Jesse Alba via “Frog Hjalte” [link] 7) Hjalte Halberg via “Frog Hjalte” [link] 6) Preston Harper via Comb [link] 5) Joorge Simoes via IG [link] 4) Alexis Ramirez via Sk8mafia’s Brain Gone video [link] 3) Tom Snape via Adidas’ “Activated” video [link] 2) Tyler Surrey via Sk8mafia’s Brain Gone video [link] 1) Jamie Foy via The Flat Earth [link]


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  1. Full disclosure: We missed ripping the Flat Earth part off Thrasher before the viewing period expired, and couldn’t find the El Toro front crook elsewhere. That’s what it should’ve been for #1. But all things considered, as weird as a body varial 5050 is, he’s a big boy on a round rail and prior to him doing it, I wouldn’t thought that as being even possible.

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