Quartersnacks Top 10 — March 3, 2017

qs top 10 mar 3

Yo it’s March and the weather can’t make its mind up. Pretty sure none of us are skating this weekend though :/

A lot of heavy hitters this week, with maybe the heaviest amount of Name Brand Pros™ to ever make it into a QS Top 10. Even though this is obviously going to come off like some full nitpicky hater shit, that all-flatbar Torey Pudwill part would’ve been way for fun if they filmed it on an iPhone and edited it to rap. Crazy it has taken a full eight years for someone to hit the full handicap rail on 8th Street and 5th Avenue since Jake did in Mindfield though. (Crook bonks in S.T.T.N.Y. clips don’t count.)

Original Clips:


10) Alex Raeymaekers via “POP Clip #27” [link] 9) Kristian Krasimirov via Instagram [link] 8) Ishod Wair via Instagram [link] 7) Guy Mariano via “Elite Squad” [link] 6) Fran Molina via “Bienvenido” [link] 5) Austyn Gillette via “~untitled~” [link] 4) Tiago Lemos via Instagram [link] 3) Sean Malto via “Elite Squad” [link] 2) Shane O’Neill via Twitter [link] 1) Torey Pudwill via “Flatbar Frenzy” [link]


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