Quartersnacks Top 10 — November 25, 2016


It’s 2016, we elected the guy from The Apprentice to be the leader of the country, Prince is dead, and there’s a rap song in a Zero video. Gonna hit up Vegas to put down a bet on that Todd Falcon Skater of the Year win ASAP.

Also, Away Days went online yesterday. It would’ve been exhausting to comb through it for this, so it got left out entirely in favor of things from the past week you might’ve missed — like the youngest Noseslider of the Year contender in QS history.

Enjoy the day off and buy something from a skateshop today :)

Original Clips:


10) Eli Reed “Red Balloon” part [link] 9) Jimmy Cao in “JSLVX1000” [link] 8) Toly Bitny in “Cityscapes Volume 2: Washington D.C.” [link] 7) Marek Zaprazny Primitive European Ambassador part [link] 6) Quim Cardona via Instagram [link] 5) Dani Lebron via “Friends of Ours” [link] 4) Austyn Gillette via Wknd’s Who’s to Say video [link] 3) Windsor James via Zero Cash Value Volume 5 [link] 2) Daniel Kim via Instagram [link] 1) Gabriel Oliveria via Instagram [link]


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  1. Lest we forget, Cole and Asta skated to Jeezy in Strange World, perhaps an even more surprising music supervision moment.

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