Quartersnacks Top 10 — November 11, 2016


It has been a heavy, sad and exhausting week for everyone. At times like these, we remember that skateboarding — be it the actual act, or vicariously watching it — is remarkably perfect in providing us with the finest form of escapism that exists. Now, more than ever, is a great time to watch Busenitz skate over a toilet, Reynolds do a frontside flip, and for any of us to hit the street and try to do something 1/100th as brilliant, but still feel the same perfect thing they did in doing so.

Skateboarding, optimism, love ♥ and alcohol. We’ll get through it :) This is a skateboard site, so we’re not going to dig much deeper than telling you to probably go skate with your friends.

(Also, not entirely sure if the #1 clip has been ran in an old video before, but Kevin Terpening posted it on IG this week and it has been on constant loop.)

ALSO, TO ANYONE WHO ORDERED FROM THE WEBSTORE SINCE OPENING DAY: We are getting close to the end in chipping away at these orders. We’re a really small operation, and truly appreciate the support — it’s just taking us a while to get these out and we didn’t anticipate so strong of a response. If you have not recieved an email by Saturday with your tracking info, feel free to hit us up. Thanks again ♥

Original Clips:


10) Pedro Attenborough via Instagram [link] 9) Charles Deschamps via LurkNYC “Mean Streets – Volume 5” [link] 8) Christian Miller via “Pulaksi Report” [link] 7) Jeff Carlyle via Deep Fried America [link 6) Dennis Busenitz via “Live Wire” part [link] 5) Austyn Gilette via “Stoops Euro Mix” [link] 4) Carlos Mendoza via Drama [link] 3) Jake Anderson via “Tour de Stoops” [link] 2) Andrew Reynolds via Made Chapter 2 Raw Files [link 1) Dylan Rieder via Kevin Terpening on Instagram [link]


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