Quartersnacks Top 10 — November 4, 2016


The past week has been the hardest QS Top 10 week ever. Between the Antisocial Video, Bobby + Hjalte, the Element vid, the Politic vid (which unfairly didn’t even make it in somehow), it was probably the livest week of 2016.

In short, the Bobby & Hjate thing is the best part of the year in these heavily biased corners. Nothing has invoked such incredible feelings of the good old days — without using some stupid camera, as Roctakon put it — in quite the same was since. It’s a perfect part. Nine minutes long and you don’t even feel it. The inclusions from it are more of an honorary tribute because it is fully impossible to just pick a clip from it. The entire thing is so perfect. Also full wow at the Antisocial video. Haven’t used Shazam while watching a skate video this many times pretty much ever. This one is my fave :) Also also also the Evan Smith trick would probably be #1 if the best part of 2016 didn’t drop in the same week.

Have a good weekend everyone ♥

P.S: If you ordered anything from the webstore, please hold a few days before the “where is my stuff?” e-mails start going off. It’ll take a bit to get caught up and everything should be out by Tuesday :)

Original Clips:


10) Karl Salah via Instagram [link] 9) Tyler Warren via The Antisocial Video [link] 8) Ray Barbee via Element’s Zygote video [link] 7) Dustin Henry via The Antisocial Video [link] 6) Walker Ryan via his Thunder Trucks part [link] 5) Rick McCrank via The Antisocial Video [link] 4) Evan Smith via Element’s Zygote video [link] 3) Reese Forbes via “Looks OK To Me” [link] 2) Hjalte Halberg via “Looks OK To Me” [link] 1) Bobby Worrest via “Looks OK To Me” [link]


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  1. Bobby currently has got the best turnaround in skateboarding. It’s up there with Gino’s turnarounds. But the pinnacle of the turnaround was obviously Guy in Mouse. It wasn’t even a trick and you know exactly what I’m talking about…

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