No Daydrinking til Memorial Day


We’ve been leading the game with aimless lines where it’s obvious nobody knows their second or third trick since 2009 — at the very least. Here’s a few meandering warm-ups from Tompkins, the one time we brought a camera to either the Nike Garage or H.O.V. this winter, and Blue Park. Features the reigning Best Dressed Skateboarder in a controversial vest. Filmed by Pad Dowd.

Mainly just putting this out so everyone knows Keith is on an average of three clips a year, hence the mythologized “Keith Denley Part” won’t be complete until 2043 at the earliest. Heard he has clips in the DANY video though :)

Enjoy the day.

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  1. thx for showing that shove it 5 times in a row so i didnt have to rewind on my own

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