The 2nd Annual Quartersnacks Readers Choice Awards


Tfw 2015 was predicted two years beforehand…

Before we get into this, it should be noted that all year-end content now has an asterisk next to it. With that Tom Knox part now being available to the Thrasher-visiting public, it shifts around whatever arbitrary rankings we may have created up until that point. Dude, it’s like, really good.

We did this for the first time last year as an effort to promote transparency for year-end accolades. Enough with the conspiracies, back-door deals, and brown paper bags of money exchanged in dimly lit parking lots. No stuffing ballot boxes and no payola influence our awards. Here it is, plain and simple: a chance to choose the finest in ollies, noseslides and Columbus Park rail tricks of the past year.

Voting closes before the last post of the year on December 31st.

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  1. My nigga Yaje Popsons ender on the skate rats vid won both ender and slam of the year, that shit was too sick. Big shout to yaje, LIIIOOOOONNNN

  2. I’ve seen what he looks like and I’m not really sure that Yaje Popson is anyone’s ‘nigga’

  3. What pro will come outta da closet

    B Anderson
    G inannuico
    A Olson
    C millic
    That one guy who no complies
    Forrest k

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