New Watermelonism: Travel Melon

alex wallride

Photo via Colin Sussingham

Most people travel for one, two weeks at a time. Every December, Alexander Mosley — creator of the Watermelon Video and Dos Sandias — buys a one-way ticket to a place without a “real” winter. (The “real” is in quotes because people in San Juan have told me they don’t swim in the winter…when the water temperature is 80 degrees.) He usually doesn’t come back until New York’s average temperature levels out above 70. Something to consider when you’re crying about winter this upcoming February ;)

The latest Watermelonism installment is a tribute to always being on the move. Half filmed during a six-month stint all over Puerto Rico — the freest place in all of America — with the other half back in New York. Includes some of the last bits of St. Vincent’s Banks footage that you’ll ever see. (There’s nothing to skate at the new plaza FYI.)

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Alternate YouTube Link

Includes a Ben Nazario cameo.


  1. This was a sad reminder than being saddled with student loan debt has effectively made it impossible to travel to any place for any extended period of time. Hooray personal freedom and education!

    PR seems chill.

  2. Kosta, please make a top 10 St Vincent’s banks tricks as a goodbye to the best bust-free bank spot south of 14th.

  3. 1) G-Man backside flip off
    2) G-Man frontside switch flip
    3) G-Man frontside nollie flip
    4) G-Man fakie flip
    5) Jake Johnson backside noseblunt the rail into it

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