Finally — Lurkers 3


Should’ve brought white pants on the shoot that day…

Three years after insisting that This Is Not The Lurkers Video was not the new Lurkers video, Joe Cups followed through on his claim and dropped the official, third installment to the most beloved New York video franchise of the 2000s.

Much of the original cast members drop by for cameos throughout the video, but the bulk of the parts come from Vicious Cycle cult hero Zeb Weisman, Spring Street Mooney, Elijah “Banned in Boston” Cole, Lurker Lou in the post-ruining skateboarding arc of his career, and the skater formerly known as Djosh with the ender.

Cameos from a whole bunch of others. Filmed/edited by Joe Gallagher.

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  1. Was that the opening credits song from point break in matt money’s second part?

  2. s’nigga said point break fuck otta here go watch you a taxi driver asap my g

  3. First song is used in Boogie Nights when Dirk is doing karate in front of the mirror

  4. fuck a midnight cowboy he asked about the second song and got y’all goin ratso rizzo this dirk diggler that and suckin off a second-rate french fuck taumbout his puffed up moral tales… ya buncha salty sva dagos wishin you coulda got in to tisch – you damn right you wish you could’ve got in to tisch, BUT IT DIDN’T HAPPEN

  5. how did danny weiss get the best song in the video ? i thought that nigga gave up skating to become a professional hipster

  6. 40 mins of pure vibe and rad spots.

    Props to Joey Gallagher – filming/editing is dope, especially with b/w 35mm (nostalgic aesthetic) and the timeless 99.9% golden oldies soundtrack.

    Classic material.

  7. Whatever the hell the second song (“song”) was for matt mooney was amazing. That shot with the dog was rad; I felt like I was somewhere.

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