‘What Is Erotic Skate Fiction?’ – An Interview With Andrew Brown A.K.A. Roctakon


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Longtime friend and oft-uncredited Quartersnacks music supervisor, Andrew Brown A.K.A. Roctakon, put the finishing touches on his novel — a first-ever piece of erotic skate fiction. Just like a good video makes you want to go out and skate, a good piece of erotic skate fiction makes you want to skate and go out (with some room for self-reflection in between), and that’s exactly what None of the Bad Ones set out to do.

Interview by Dances, one of the world’s greatest cultural commentators.


What is an “erotic skate novel?”

Erotic skate fiction is a term that my buddy Galen coined. He’s the Dollar Stories guy. You might have seen him wandering around the streets of New York in neon clothing selling stories to people. He made up that term at a time when we were both writing a bunch. There was always skating and sex in the stories…I guess it’s a novel with skateboarding and sex. It has a nice ring to it.

What time period is your book set?

It’s New York in 2009 or 2010. There are no specific dates, but everyone is still on Blackberrys. Everything is BBM.

Do you still skate?

Yeah, I still skate, but I’m 36. I’ve never been good and I’m getting worse. I can do flatground and skate a ledge. If I’m in a bowl or something, I look like a dad who is skating for the first time.

Do you feel that dating as a skater puts you in a certain zone?

Kind of, especially in New York. I haven’t lived there for a little while, but I imagine it’s the same. There are a lot of young girls that do creative things, and skaters are like the athletes for those girls. If a regular girl wants to bang the quarterback, a hip girl wants to bang the hot skater. Skaters are filthy, so there’s a self-loathing kind of thing with them. It’s a weird thing. But some girls don’t like skaters at all.

It’s either skaters or graf writers.

If you’re the girl who likes graf writers, you might be even more disturbed than the girl who likes skateboarders. Those guys are an odd bunch.

I think skaters are allowed to be the worst-dressed people in the club.

Always. I used to DJ at this club called Canal Room; I think it’s still there as a venue. One of my boys came and they threw him out. “Nah, this guy gotta go.” He got one beer, started to feel it, and they made him leave — he didn’t even do anything. He had long hair, looked filthy, wearing like a ratty M-1 army jacket. They bounced him right out the gate.

Are any specific clubs mentioned in the book?

Yeah, and there’s like a fictional bar that will remind you of certain places. The Jane and Le Bain are in the book. It takes place in that zone after Beatrice closed, where people are going other places. It’s when Le Bain was new and people were getting in the water, and the Jane was still bubbling.

Who would you say is the grimiest, stereotypical character in nightlife?

The date rapist bottle host model wrangler. That’s how 17-year-old girls from the Ukraine get herpes.

Well, there’s a difference between going out as a teenager versus being a part of that bottle service scene. Like, being at a place where a guy from Dubai has a table next to you.

It gets dark. Because of the way New York is, sometimes you’ll find the dirty ass skate kids in those same clubs. It’s the 16-year-old model, the guy from Dubai, and then the dirty young skater in the corner.

Is the character in the book the that one skater who would be in that sort of spot?

Yeah. It’s loosely based on myself. The character had a band that did well, but gave up on that world and is kind of lost. Like, the band did pretty good, but he was like a “What the fuck am I doing? Do I really want to go on another tour?” He decides to hang out in New York and people kinda know him from the band and skating, so he can get into the clubs and get laid.

none of the bad ones gear

You’re giving out Bianca Chandon shirts for Kickstarter contributions, right?

It’s actually a 917 shirt, which is a sidebrand off Bianca. It’s their more skate-oriented line, but still run run by Alex Olson and all the same people. They’re about to launch a new collection of shirts, hats and boards for the summer. The Erotic Skate Fiction tee is sort of in line with that stuff.

Do you see a lot of up-and-coming skaters who are slowly moving out of skateboarding into other things? Everyone knows what ends up happening to the aging rockstar and athlete, but there’s never been anything about the aging pro skateboarder.

I think people give a lot to skating, so when they get to my age and their bodies give out, they’re exhausted and it’s hard to find a new thing. Art is big with skaters. People think that if they ride a skateboard they’re automatically artists, but thats always been part of the culture of skateboarding. Like, “We create with the streets.” It doesn’t pop off for a lot of them. The guy who owns RVCA could only buy so much skater-made art.

Alex is doing something that transcends skating. If you’re selling gear in Dover Street Market, you’re getting into level of higher quality goods.

Is the book about dating or is it a love story?

It’s a fucked up love story — an exploration of the selfish ways in which New Yorkers copulate.

Is it just a story, or could someone gain from reading it?

It could be you read it and think it’s a trashy book, but if you dig into it with an open mind, you could find something. People have told me they found depth to it. I’m doing it because I believe it’s more than a trashy read, but maybe I’ll be proved wrong.


Would you say it’s like a skateboarding Chad Kultgen novel?

People say my stuff is like those sort of things. I personally don’t think so, but maybe I’m a little naive in thinking that. I’ve been compared to these sort of things enough times that there has to be some truth to it. I had a few feminist literary agents be like “This is some Tucker Max shit.” I don’t think that’s the case, but it is what it is. If some people don’t hate your shit, it’s probably not that good.

I think people expect to gain something from you. That’s what Boys Life was; it wasn’t a pulpy Tucker Max sort of read.

Right, but there are people who thought that. I think it’s in a similar voice to the Boys Life stuff, but it’s better than that was and has more depth to it. If you enjoyed reading Boys Life, you’ll enjoy this. It’s the best version of that that I could do.

Is this *the* erotic skate novel? Do you plan on being the Tom Clancey of erotic skate fiction?

No, I think this will probably be the only book like this that I write. The other book I’ve been working about is less about relationships between men and women, and more about male friendships.

Help None of the Bad Ones become a physical reality by supporting the Kickstarter. Donors will be rewarded with chill gear.

The book is due out October 2015.

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  1. brilliant! i support this creative work… thank you for providing erotica that: ladies can appreciate, doesn’t promote the exploitation of our sexuality, and recognizes we like our sexual desires stroked just as much as men. i should PROBABLY read it before saying that but i trust the source.

    can you connect me with/share this comment with Roctakon? aka Andrew Brown. i have an idea i’d like to propose to him. Thanks for this article! made my day!

  2. All this pseudo-intellectualism in skating is nutty–if you want to be a writer, that’s great, but it confuses me that because he has a risqué blog that some people enjoy, he should then proceed to write a novel.

    It’s a bummer to see people writing trashy stuff get media attention and publication when there’s so much rad untouched, unpublished, really smart and interesting stuff in actual writing communities. Writing a book is fucking hard and it’s frustrating that people like this guy who probably read some books and thought it would be cool to introduce himself as a writer, proceeded to write a book. This guy loves himself.

    This guy occupies a space that only privileged, white, straight males in western society can inhabit. The I-Was-Succesful-in-One-Medium-So-I’ll-Try-Another type of “artist.”

  3. Cant he get a publisher? Self publishing seems like turning yourself pro for the company you own (didn’t someone do that?).

  4. Hey Alyoshenka,

    last I checked we lived in a free, capitalist society where you’re free to try your hand at any creative medium. Sure a good looking white guy like Roctakon may be able to succeed quicker than others, but that doesn’t discredit the work he put into this project. If you don’t like the premise you don’t have to donate, it’s that simple. You should stop disparaging others’ passions and write the next great American erotic skate fiction novel.

  5. Skateboarding has given me a lot, but it has never gotten me laid. Informed this chick at the bar that my backside slappies were on point and she threw her drink in my face…

  6. Alyoshenka, on Roctacon: This guy loves himself. Ha Ha.

    I have mixed feelings on the dude I have only heard about from Quartersnacks. He did call the Cherry effect on skateboarding, which was a spot on prediction, but he can be a bit long in the tooth, with his reference to La Bain blah blah blah and The Jane.

    But like I said I am making all my judgements off of my exposure to him on QS, which I could also say about Migos. QS, keep doing your thing.

  7. i used to skate with andy when he lived in dc. he is great dude. wish we still got to kick it. getting old sucks and hurts. support this guy he has heart for skating

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