Five Favorite Parts With Brandon Westgate

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Hollister S/S 2015. Photo by Sean Cronan.

After taking into account the ages of past participants in our favorites series, we realized they typically hover above thirty, hence recurring Sheffey Life Story and Gonz Video Days recollections. We reached out to Brandon Westgate, who recently made headlines after a rather wild Thrasher cover, for some perspective on what those under 30 are into. Unsurprisingly, every skater’s favorite parts always end up more-or-less tied to their formative years. This one strikes a nice balance between nostalgia, and “my friends are my favorite skaters”-isms of the Jake piece.


Donny Barley — Eastern Exposure 3 (1996)

I grew up watching this part. You watch him skate and wish you could cruise around like he does.. He has the best front 360. My favorite trick in his part is probably that front 180 on the bank to bank in the line.

Whenever I skate with him, he always has a spot or trick idea for me. I remember way back when I first started skating with him on mini ramps, and realized how much board control he had. He is one of the best people you could watch skate mini ramp.

Aaron Suski – 5Boro: Word of Mouth (2004)

Suski has a really unique style. He looks super good shredding down the street. I remember one of the first times we skated together was in New York. He was skating down the street, doing tricks on everything, and he was still going so fast that I could barely keep up. Ever since I’ve known him, he has always had a positive vibe and is super motivating to skate with.

This is another one I grew up watching to get me pumped. The grind to 5-0 up the ledge-to-rail and that stalefish he does are so sick.

Dennis Busenitz — Real Skateboards: Roll Forever (2005)

Dennis gets you stoked to go bomb a hill. My favorite thing in the part is the line at the bank spot with the kickflip back 360 and ollie north right after. I’ve only met Dennis a few times and I don’t know much about him other than that he shreds way faster than anyone.

Anthony Shetler — Zoo York: State of Mind (2009)

Anthony has this amazing level of determination. He’s super positive and fun to skate with. He actually just threw this contest at Skaters Edge [indoor skatepark in Taunton, Massachusetts] called New England AM, which a ton of kids showed up to. He’s always doing positive things for the kids out there.

Him and I filmed together for this video, and ended up rooming together a bunch during the trips. I always get hyped on the kickflip he does into the double bank in Boston.

Leo Romero – Emerica: Stay Gold (2010)

Skating with Leo is sick. We went on a bunch of trips and skated together when we were filming for this video. I remember that he got that kinked rail 5050 and I got the boardslide on it the same day — getting each other hyped, you know? We roomed together a bunch on the trips, too. He’s a funny guy, always saying stuff to make you laugh.

His Stay Gold part is definitely one of my favorites. I really like the gap to back lip he did at Guitar Center. He can gap out to pretty much anything. Actually, he can pretty much just do anything.

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