Who the HELL Waxed Three Up Three Down?

three up waxed

…and Torey Pudwill hasn’t been in town, we checked his Instagram.

Let us reiterate: Three Up Three Down is not about being good at skateboarding.

Much like lower-and-middle income New Yorkers are being priced out of Manhattan, more able-bodied skateboarders are ousting us from plebeian Manhattan street spots. The rich are never content just having a little bit — they want it all. Dylan Reider was the trailblazer for legitimizing Three Up Three Down after years of professional skateboarder indifference, but his one-percenter cronies were soon to follow. This quite obviously included some would-be 2014 Danny Gonzales. Go back to Cali dude.

LEAVE OUR SPOTS ALONE! There are enough places to be good at skateboarding in New York City, but not nearly as many if you’re not particularly great at it. Just because the Courthouse Drop is unskateable, doesn’t mean you have to wax our beloved two-and-a-half stair. Three Up Three Down is where Mouse-era Ben Sanchez would film a part if he were teleported to New York in the 2010s, not where the Grizzly team should be poised to film half of their 2014 “Summer Trip to New York” clip.

With Southbank saved, it’s time we, as common folk, initiate a new campaign — C.A.P.S. (Commoners Against Professional Skateboarders.) Consult the video below and observe just how much chiller all those lines look than some stupid twenty-foot-long backside lipslide to tailslide.

What’s next, Bryan Hermans brings a picnic table to Virtual Reality Bump?


  1. fucking new yorkers. even your shitty spots are ten times better than anything NC has. you goddam crybabies.

  2. What up with Gino? Is he off Chocolate? Wasnt he in BK, for the Chocolate 20th anniversery? QS, get us the scoop. Hot of the press, Amsterdam News in depth coverage, with photos.

  3. Probably this fuccboi Olson. Or maybe toletino he’s hanging out with the DVS team too much pudwill probably told him that lipslide combos is what makes them checks appear.

  4. Fuck you guys. So stuck up. Thought skating was about having fun and sharing it with others? Not telling other people to stay off “your” spots. Starting to sound like surfers.

  5. yo, no one cares snackman, you can chill with this bullshit. I’m gonna go wax the spot tomorrow just to piss you off.

  6. Why did my comment disappear? Why? I asked what was up with Gino? It was a fair question.

  7. damn, its not even unskateable outside yet and people be gettin preoccupied with comment section idiocracy. dont get me wrong, its hilarious, but we have all winter for this shit. go skate while you still can

  8. some of us have to work fuk face. i gotta box and a qp coming this week and im going to the hawk demo next week in raleigh WHERE YOU AT SON! NC SKATABLE ALL YEAR NIGGA!

  9. Am I the only one who doesn’t get WTF this article is talking about? What the hell does waxed steps have to do with pro skaters? It was probably some local kids learning how to do 50-50’s who waxed it. Or is this supposed to be some hipster irony that flew over my head?

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