Revisiting the Watermelon Video

lil chris watermelon

There has never been a Quartersnacks video, and there likely never will be. The closest thing to featuring the entire crew in an all-encompassing project was Alexander Mosley’s Watermelon Video from 2006. Considering most of the people involved with it have misplaced their DVD copies, and if you weren’t around Autumn, Supreme or 2nd Nature in 2006, you probably never saw it, Alex finally let us upload it online. He also made commemorative decks and tees for the video’s web premiere, and is selling them over on his website,

The video was filmed roughly from the fall of 2005 until the end of the summer in 2006. It premiered in August 2006 by being projected on the tennis court wall in back of the L.E.S. Park when it was still a pre-fab wasteland. The video features parts from Ben Nazario, Ty Lyons, Andre Page, Mike Gigliotti, Matthew Mooney, Isak Buan and Alexander Mosley, plus a twenty-minute B-roll after the main video. If you need any further indicators of the time period, look no further than the background of the first few Lenox Ledges lines, or Chris Pierre Jacques‘ A.K.A. then Lil’ Chris’ height in his footage. Filmed and edited by Alexander Mosley.

Go grab a tee and board over on Alex’s website once you’re done with the video.

There’s also the sequel from 2008, Dos Sandias, which I’m sure will make its way online eventually :)


  1. Only watermelon Alex has a part. The people mentioned prob have like 5 tricks each. Lurkers 3 will have a bunch of “qs/supreme” dudes in it.

  2. Just stumbled upon this site. I grew up in NYC and although not a skater (a casual one at best) have always enjoyed skate videos and respected the nyc skate culture. Thanks for sharing this video, I love the older nyc stuff.

  3. lurkers 3, ahhh damn why don’t i have a part?? but it won’t ever happen, so whatever.In texas we hit the blunt 3 times

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