Off Brand: A Quartersnacks D.I.Y. Build


Ultra Premium Concrete Mix

There is nothing as not-on-brand for QS as a D.I.Y build. Pouring concrete is #manly, but it is not #fashionable. Those guys are core to the bone and have nothing but heart; we’re a bunch of bums trying to drink ice coffee and maybe skate flat. When Levi’s Skateboarding approached us with the opportunity to sponsor a D.I.Y. build, we were completely lost. What do we do, and how do we stay #onbrand?

Thanks to some connections through mutual friends, we linked with the crew at Shorty’s. The solution was to turn the build into one big party. Shorty’s is now perhaps the only spot in the world where ramps are built not only with blood, sweat and tears, but also with champagne. Cabana rap, Ultra Premium Vodka, and buxomly proportions naturally followed suit.

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If anything, this experience heightened already-high levels of respect for dudes who go the distance of building places like Shorty’s. Having never been around for the construction of anything more than a ledge, as an outsider, its easy to neglect all the small steps behind these sort of spaces (e.g. the fact that they have to cut into the ground with an electric saw, and chip the floor out to make the transitions flush with the ground.) Also, a truck full of eighty-pound concrete bags goes way less of a ways than we ever imagined. It’s barely enough for half of a mid-sized quarterpipe. No wonder Home Depot loves these guys so much.


Pad Dowd. Photo by Collin Sussingham.


Dillon Constantine. Photo by Collin Sussingham.

Part 3 coming next week.

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Have a good weekend.


  1. Can’t wait for Hanes Skateboarding to come along so I can support and buy some real skate tee’s and socks.

    Just buy some Domestics people, it’s really not that hard…….smh

  2. Shout out to the Berrics crew for hooking up Shortys. You guys could learn something from them.

  3. brandy shut up the fuck up… a) levis probably gave them the coin 2 do this b) fred was there this is his spot! he dont even make denim!

  4. Billtim I backed you when you asked Jesse Alba to go home, but you are out of line with your aggresive tone towards Brandy. Take the bass out of your voice and address the lady with respect.

  5. @billtim
    And Domestics do make denim btw.

    Thanks man. Once upon a time in America is one of my favourite albums, heavily slept on.

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