A Day in the Life


Labor Skateshop posted the full 2013 All City Showdown video online. We pontificated about the video back in January, when there was literally nothing to do besides watch skate videos are send desperate “Hov?”-texts to anyone affiliated with Vans.

The video is a fun watch all around, as you see almost every crew of skaters in the city represented, but there are two obvious standouts. It contains one-day parts from Aaron Herrington and Antonio Durao, two superhuman entities of productivity. Unless you see Antonio skate in real life, there’s really no way to convey his ability to do practically anything he wants on a skateboard, no matter the spot. This video is the closest you’re going to get with a mediated version, though you’ll wish they went to some less standard spots (omg barriers and construction sites!)

Aaron probably falls in the same boat, albeit with different trick and spot sensibilities. As you’ll see by the end, they’re both technically tied for “MVP” honors that day.

Enjoy while waiting for the Jeezy album to leak…

Stay tuned with Labor regarding information for 2014’s All City Showdown.


  1. get off olsons dick he boardslides that rail in every single bit of footage he puts out find a new spot

  2. It’s 2014 and we’re still accepting imitations? That conversation should continue for as long as there are still real New Yorkers.

  3. The concept is simple: 3 skaters, 1 person to film, 8 hours in the city. Every trick filmed needs to be something someone else has already done on the same spot. The footage is then edited down, judged, and a final video is made. Trophies are then awarded.

  4. Extra points for wallies, wallrides, 43’s, boneless ones, caveman’s, slappies and highwaters.

  5. Moved to New York to go flow. Really making life happen and shit nahmean?

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