‘Enron’ — The New Bronze Video

bronze enron

Rob, you don’t have to come home drunk and watch Solo Jazz anymore.

Not a whole lot comes as a surprise these days, especially in the realm of skate videos. Everything has a year of Insta teasers and “trailers” as if it won’t be forgotten the day it gets bumped five spaces on a YouTube subscription feed. Bronze has been the northeast’s most influential thinktank for over half a decade now, and that comes right down to them not being dicks about “teasing” everyone with an upcoming video. Unlike less #relevant institutions, they didn’t need a decade to drop a two-minute clip of falls. Enron just came out with no hype, on a quiet Sunday night while everyone waited for the rain to start. It’s every bit as good as you expect it to be :)

This one is perhaps a bit heavier on the “video art” side of things than even Solo Jazz, but at least there’s a totally *hot* Brendan Carroll part, not to mention some other new faces within the Bronze franchise.

Give Peter money. Buy a lot of Bronze stuff.

[Monday Links are being postponed until Tuesday, as today is Bronze Day.]

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  1. chill graphics and some skateboarding nevergetsoldaslongaspeterisbehind it

    enron is such a good ref too

  2. hey man lay off this semesters maya class was prob exceptionally fruitful ° ͜ʖ ͡°

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