Is It #Racist to Insinuate a ‘Ray Barbee Vibe’ About Ishod’s New Thrasher Cover? – A Special Report


Mainstream news outlets have been making colossal “all black people look the same” blunders as of late, and it seems that oversensitivity to such mistakes has permeated into the skateboard media. #Racial controversy has made it to the pages of this website before, when those unacquainted with the mechanics of describing a spot as “white” were offended by the Bubble Banks being crowned “the whitest skate spot in New York.”

Upon commending Ishod Wair’s new Thrasher cover yesterday, we extended the compliment by drawing a comparison to likely the coolest skateboarder to ever live and greatest practitioner of the maneuver Ishod is doing. Of course, he is black, thus drawing the ire of those unwilling to spot similarities beyond color. But really, who else are we supposed to bring up when discussing great no complys? Some white dude in brown chinos and slip-ons who dates a girl in a band? That’s actually offensive. That hypothetical dude is white and lame (“It’s a fucking law of nature“), and cannot be utilized in complimenting a stylish black guy.



To illustrate that there are in fact similarities between these practitioners of the no comply beyond skin tone, we went into Frozen in Carbonite mode and constructed a venn diagram. Stop trying to squeeze controversy out of every sentence, guys!

Ishod venn diagram

On a lighter note, this is up there with Nate Jones’ Real to Reel section as one of the best “feel good” video parts ever. Watch it five times.

“I just wish I wore exactly what Ray Barbee wore in the Public Domain video every day. In fact, I should have just dressed like Ray full stop, he looked so sick. Ray should definitely have been on Transworld‘s most influential skaters of all time list, not me.” — Jason Dill


  1. Haha! Dude I was so fucking around. He’s TOTALLY evoking Barbee, probably on purpose, and for all I know *you* are black! Anyway your response was the best ever: he’s happy and black. So cool. I tried to think of some unhappy, hard, gangster black skater. Darren Harper maybe?

  2. ahahahaah that venn diagram is fucking hilarious

    “skates to a meek mill song in a quartersnacks re-edit”

    and thanks for the free stickers homies, slapped up maryland for yall

  3. Greatest Dill Quote ever, ” I had two older brothers, and I knew the deal, older dudes like jack off and shit”. Ed Templeton, Epicly Latered.

  4. The irony here is that Ray doesn’t consider that trick to be a ‘no comply’ at all and that picture is from his skateboarder mag trick tip for the ‘step hop.’

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