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Look at it this way — that day in March, or April, or August when it’s sixty degrees, YG’s album is released, and girls are outside wearing chill dresses will be glorious, like getting out of jail after being wrongfully sentenced. Until then, the skateboard internet has been generally slow, QS’ editorial department that specializes in #originalcontent has been backed up with half-completed ventures, and we are still distracted with finalizing details for spring merch.

You’ll probably need stuff to watch these next few days. These are a few things that were released during that Thursday-Sunday spurt of somewhat tolerable outdoor conditions. Only getting to them now, so apologies if they are from 1994 by internet standards. An addendum to Monday Links, if you will…


Depending on how long you’ve been perusing the skateboard internet, you may remember Post 22 in its heyday. It was a North Carolina website, which at the time, almost singlehandedly elevated the production values expected of a typical web clip. This was before YouTube, before full lengths were readily available online outside of #sk8videos on IRC; they were among the first to make Quicktime montages that looked like professional videos with unknown talent.

The site has died and been resurrected multiple times. Its current incarnation comes in the form of a 30-minute video entitled Skate and Destroy with many of the original Post 22 members still involved. The site’s prime coincided with a period when the generally humorless Skate Perception thinktank governed the language of online skate video production (which it obvs derived from a childhood of growing up on Ty Evans era Transworld videos.) If one with an aversion to serious skate videos remembers correctly, Post 22 videos were pretty serious, but it’s good to see them lighten up a bit with the years tacked on in Film and Destroy. Hard to forgive the tease of someone maybe skating to Franke Goes to Hollywood, though…

Best of all, they’re still 95% based in North Carolina — or at least it would look that way to us, who have no idea what goes on in that part of America between Richmond and Atlanta. Smaller skate videos are becoming increasingly bi-regional these days (think of the northeastern videos that use San Francisco as a wintertime crutch), but these dudes conciously decided to keep things at home. The Sam Elliot-esque voiceover fills you in on that front.

(Yes, before anyone says it, Post 22 still exists, but it was much different when it started.)

Almost turned this off after a minute-long shot of snow, which is the last thing anyone living in New York needs to see right now. The Norwegians who made Oslo 5 have a new, more footage-dump-resembling video on YouTube called Aktuell Rapport.

Scandinavian videos are fun to watch because they’re full of spots that you’ve never seen — that could be down the block from you — but (sadly) aren’t. They’re also more relatable this winter than ever. Provide your own synth-heavy #musicsupervision, as what’s available here sounds rather stock.

The Russians who uploaded Skypager as a full stream in Monday’s post actually did so on January 29, 2013, not 2014. Still having a rough time coming to grips with how time flies ‘n stuff. After checking their YouTube in hopes of more gems from the era, they turned out to be just generally sketchy Russians who are mad hip-hop, rather than nerdy Russians who have some stockpile of analog nineties skateboarding nostalgia. And everyone knows about sketchy Russians who are mad hip-hop…



Anyway, even if you weren’t around for 1993 like the majority of the QS office, Skypager is a fun watch for someone who loves a good low ledge and flatground. Features likely first usage of the increasingly fashionable practice of mixing hip-hop songs prior to even starting the edit, and stuff that more hip-hop white guys should consider adding to their video parts these days, like hot tub make-outs, slappy front noses, etc.

P.S. Considering this went #viral on Tumblr, if we have an unprecedented rise in slappy front noses this year, could Tumblr .GIFs be considered more of tastemaking entity in 2014 than skate videos themselves?

Of course the black guy from Indiana is a lock for the 2013-2014 NBA season’s best anti-Knicks rant, but this Australian (?) living in Japan does a pretty good job of summing up that game v.s. the Bucks where someone who doesn’t pay attention to the NBA would be inclined to think Brandon Knight was a star player. “This is the one where the silly fat idiot slips over…”

Felton v.s. Lillard tonight should be interesting…in a Damien Lillard getting a career-high in points sort of way.


  1. Someone did a 52 stair curved double set. Im a bit out of the loop (QS, Jenkem, Boil, Frozen, Thrasher not included) but is the dude even sponsored?

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