New Tony Durao Transworld Part

tony sw 360 flip

Here’s another bullet point to the Ian Reid theory regarding the greater metropolitan area origins of the best New York skaters. Though dubbed as a “Video Check Out,” the 2013 Rookie of the Year’s new part is over two minutes long and a solid follow up to the Waters and Army intro from the summer. Some of this footage seems like it was also in the All City Showdown DVD (more on that soon), but maybe not. Hard to really tell with the amount of footage kids put out these days.

How long until this dude is in an actual Transworld video? Two years? One?

Filmed by Joeface. Someone rip this to YouTube to circumvent the inferior Transworld player and post the link in the comments. We unfortunately can’t do it due to the risk of them reporting it and having account limitations put in place. YouTube below :)

P.S. If you want some extra Tony footage, he has the last half minute in this Long Island montage. Spotted via Recordings of Boardings.


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