Five Favorite Parts with John Cardiel


Much like the inspiration for this series, some editions will be extensive and others will be brief outside the selections. This one is the first on the latter end of the spectrum, but you know, it’s Cardiel. (FYI: If you need another Cardiel dose, Chrome Ball did a similar segment with him in 2010, except for photos rather than video parts.)

Also had the chance to do a really good, more out-of-the-box “Five Favorite Parts” interview yesterday, which might end up going live sooner than the typical one-a-month schedule. The weather has been garbage, so why not, right? Also also also, the 2nd Nature Park is awesome and everyone should rent a car and go up there.

Thanks to Sweet Waste for the interview.

Bill Danforth — Ohio Skate Out (1988)

I had this on a VHS back then…I remember watching Bill Danforth flying off the top of the wall, and Mark Gonzales doing these crazy frontside boardslides on rails. Those [contest videos] from the eighties were super inspirational to me, like Ohio Skate Out and Savannah Slamma. We didn’t have any ramps or set-ups like they did. To see people skating those sort of things on the level they were got us super stoked.

Matt Hensley — H-Street: Shackle Me Not (1988)

He was skating things that were in our neighborhood — even curbs and small shit like that — and it lit our whole world up. It was the same thing when I saw Sick Boys for the first time. Just to see all of these spots in San Francisco getting ripped. I thought Mickey Reyes was the sickest skater ever. He was so tough and just barged everything at complete utter destruction levels.

Mark Gonzales — Blind: Video Days (1991)

When it came out, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. The way he’d skate vert and street, and just have so much control and style on both. The eggplants, the frontside 360s, just everything. Hands down, the best video part.

Sean Sheffey — Life Skateboards: Soldier’s Story (1991)

His backside 180 over the island is one of the most beautiful tricks I’ve ever seen. I’ve always been a huge fan of backside 180s and that is the most inspirational one. Just his power and the strength at which he was skating in that part was next level.

Pat Duffy — Plan B: The Questionable Video (1992)

All the rail tricks he was doing were just such breakthrough tricks. And to Primus, man. That part was awesome — and then Danny Way’s backside 360 down the double set…that entire video was a breakthrough.

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