Tall Tees 4Ever

scarface tee

Tonight’s midtown mission got cancelled due to 30 MPH winds, and this Knicks-Pistons game is dreadful (has there been a fun Knicks game this year yet?), so here is an uncharacteristic Tuesday night update.

The Wade Desarmo Dime remix is recommended based on:

1) Between the white Jordan 3s, an allegiance to the tall tee ten years past its expiration date, Jason Kidd jersey jeans, and the airbrushed Scarface shirt (above), Wade may be the leading post-nineties icon for Hip-Hop White Guy (HHWG) fashion.

2) It acts as a wise reminder that Mystikal is one of the best rappers alive.

3) A close friend of the website drunkenly met his wife on account of her wearing the iconic “Horty” Shorty’s sweatshirt. It was at the Jane on Halloween a few years ago.

Anyone with knowledge of that story has since been on the lookout for pretty girls in nineties skate apparel. (What an icebreaker!) So, this past spring, there was a pretty, mildly #ethnicallyambiguous girl on the Jane roof wearing a longsleeve with the Zero skull print from the Thrill Of It All era. In theory, the only thing that stood in the way of #truelove was a faded Zero shirt. Her story for how it fell into her hands was “I’m a model,” so #truelove immediately went out the window. She was perfect in a terrible way, but after about one minute of conversation she asks, “Do you know Wade?” “Wade? No.” “You know, Wade Desarmo.” A brief pause to take in the hilarity of a girl saying the words “Wade Desarmo” to you. “That’s who I lost my virginity to.”

Attaboy Wade. Great work from the Dime crew as well.

P.S. There’s a good chance some of the new QS gear will be available online tomorrow. Check back in about twelve hours.


  1. Thanks for reminding me that Mystikal is out and doin thangs (things) and for reminding me as wigged-out as I am, ive got nothing on Wade. whatsup with some QS pins G?

  2. Skating in cement 3’s? Damn, at least they’re getting put to good use unlike many morons who buy expensive ass shoes just to collect dust.

  3. Def met that chick at the Jane. She either wore that kit non stop or it was the same night.
    Also got the same Wade D story seeing as Im Canadian.

  4. What’s up with skaters landing tricks now and looking like a trick just emotionally troubled them? Wade stays ill… no emotional landings and shit.

  5. Pharell is the man dude, he made Ice Cream. The best company out. Props to Stephan and especially Beverley…

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