Forrest Edwards v.s. Difficult-ass Questions, Abridged

Sry 4 da #vulgarities guyz.

We already re-edited a video part, now we re-edit an interview. Not just *a* interview, *the* video interview with the highest entertainment value since probably this.

It’s interesting that despite frequent complaints about the vanilla-ness of most skate interviews, people are still upset or concerned with this guy’s unorthodox demeanor. Everyone is suddenly a mental health professional insisting he has Aspergers or a seasoned skate industry career counselor. (It should be noted that Alex Olson, another oft polarizing interview-giver, has also been the victim of Aspergers misdiagnosis by skateboarding’s reliable band of web neurologists.) If Forrest freezing for a straight minute in light of a stupid question, saying things like “It’s Wallenburg, bitches,” or recording comments about girls’ toes for a dedicated soundboard aren’t evidence-enough of his self awareness, well, then…forget it…

Forrest owns being a troll and a bit of an asshole, even at the expense of his skateboard talents not being adequately rewarded. And God bless him for it. Here’s his recent Weekend Buzz appearance condensed to one-third of the length to highlight the most important parts. #LetForrestBeForrest

Also, how great is this shirt? (For anyone wondering, the QS version of this idea would probably include Forrest, Ben Sanchez, Ben Nazario and Ryan Hickey.)

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  1. why does erica yaree or whatever have a presence in this? she doesn’t skate, who the fuck cares what she thinks about anything?

  2. In order to make up for a lack of posts, I suggest merging a number of my favorite sites. The Boil the Snacks in Carbonite Incident. I need posts from these sites on a daily basis. The world does, too.

  3. “the QS version of this idea would probably include Forrest, Ben Sanchez, Ben Nazario and Ryan Hickey”

    ^^^not moya?!?

  4. Erica Yary is a sexy ass catylast for conversation.. she’s there for sexual presence. who doesn’t want to see there favorite pro make an attempt* at flirting with Erica? Out of all the skate based interview content on the web, you’re watching Weekend Buzz..

  5. @y tho

    Erica Yary is a “10” in the world of women available to co-host a youtube skateboarder interview show.

  6. forest is good at skateboarding but it just seems like he tries to hard on the inerview tip. .he really not all contreversal like everyone acting either he just a stupid mf that is trying way to hard to be way to hard. alot of skaters do that ish anyway acting like they celebs or rock stars or some shit. we all know unless you’re chad muska, tony hawk or whatever that you prolly sleeping on a couch and cashing 1200 dollar checks every 6 months u selling ur flow to buy weed and cigs. i could see 12 year old kids thinkin his attitude cool but he really a cornball

  7. brink and yary are both horrible hosts. Their questions are less questions and more them trying to show off how much they’ve been paying attention to skateboarding gossip. There’s no real rapport, just regurgitation of what Brink read on Slap or, in Erica’s case, just repeating back whatever the guest says. “They went into a bathroom together? oh that is weird haha!’ The success of these shows really hinge on the character of the guests. Forrest is solid gold in that respect. I’m not looking for hard-hitting sk8 journalism, I just don’t think either of them make the guests comfortable (whoever is doing Free Lunch, for instance, succeeds in this area, and, as an added bonus, removes themselves from the interview entirely).

  8. She is tubby. You could be flow from 5Boro and pull better at Matchless at two for Tuesdays

  9. @jugsworth you’re standards are incredibly low if you think that girls a ten. Roctakon does get it. Having never been flow for anyone, i’ve still pulled better looking sluts out of lit or whatever skateboard frequented bar you like.

    But seriously why do these girls even have jobs on camera. They’re shit

  10. Well now hey all hold up the gottdamn train just a minute. Erica Yary tubby? Y’all must be smoking that sherm that the news channel 5 be talmbout. Tubby? Don’t trip. I remember back in the days when the active mailorder folks would send me a catelogue of their wares. Them jawns was mostly garbage, what with 7.75 inch element boards and some tiny ass 54 mm wheels and stuff, but they had Active Erica.Wooooey good golly miss molly! I mean, I remember Marlo had a coupla them posters up on the wall when he was doing time. Show this woman some love. You know gottdamn well if she approached you on the 4, tryna talkabout “oh, are those the stage 11 indy’s or stage 10” you’d be loving it.

  11. its not that hard to fuck hot girls u meet at a bar

    i contend that erica yary is thick in a good way

  12. Prop Joe, if a girl wanted to talk to me about my trucks or any skateboarding related issue i would want to shoot myself in the head, much in the same way that Canard smoked the homie Omar

  13. oh he use the word “jawn” so dude must be in the philly area. so yeah erica is a 10 there

  14. i’m very disappointed to learn the quarter snacks readers prefer skinny white bitches

  15. @ baptiste @ roctakon you right, everything you sayin’ is right

    Alexis, I for one love you and any woman with similar body type

  16. Edwards seems very much on the autistic spectrum. From how he phrases shit to the cartoon like voice he has.

    I have aspergers, and I think lots of skaters tend towards the autistic spectrum in general, imo.

    ( I have a card specifically given out by the police force to give to them if I ever have to speak to police or are stopped by them, basically excusing me from anything I may say – i never ever want to test it )

    {my friend also has the same card and it has worked in that he only had to spend one night in a police station cell till he was sober with no charges against him – ps he is a former skater aswell}

    {{Erica seems sound enough for the job she does.}}

  17. Aspergers is the new peanut allergy. For the last 2013 years we all thoght you were socially inept retards and lazy spoiled bastards who play with toys and do things only weirdos do now we realize you just have aspergers or you’re on the autistic spectrum. PFFFFFFTTTT…. what bullshit. Forrest is just a retarded drunk boy.

  18. while i feel that equated aspergers to a peanut allergy is absurd and i feel like youre trolling, i do think its a similar dynamic with what happened to ADD and ADHD diagnosis over the past 20 years. moms would just think their kids were doing bad in school because of ADD, but in reality they were just brainfried from watching tv since they were fucking 2 years old and couldnt pay attention

    same shit now “oh he’s socially awkward, he must has aspergers.” no, it’s just that all you young kids grew up with fucking myspace and facebook and never learned how to talk to a girl or even a friend in real life so they think youre retarded

  19. sorry “retarded” is a harsh word but you understand what i’m saying. why cant you edit comments on this site?

  20. Real ish new yorker. Jeah im trolling a lil. but real talk none the lesser retarded isnt a harsh word unles ur saying it to a retarded human until then then it just means slightly off or slow. forrest is sick but he just young wild and free

  21. ive never seen an anonymous internet comment fight end in consensus. thats crazy.

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