The Ian Reid Archive — Volume 2


Here is the second installment of Ian’s largely unseen behind-the-scenes photos from the early 2000s. Once again, the interview was done by our friend Ted Barrow, and all the photos are Ian’s. Maybe a part three down the line, who knows?

You can check out Ian’s current work on If you missed it, the first installment from August can be found here. And for all you office job people, there’s a photo towards the end that might be NSFW. Not really sure how that stuff works, but consider this a warning. Big thanks to Ted and Ian.


This looks like the optimism of youth…

This is like the no money, the un-jaded, the still hungry on the skate tip, Jereme Rogers and Brian Wenning in cahoots at a skatespot. You can tell they’re having a good time: Brian is fascinated by Jereme’s GIRL chain, and um, nice watch with designer jewelry, TSA shirt…

No tattoos!

Oh yeah, there’s no graffiti…I mean no tattoos on any of ‘em. Definitely transitional. If you’re reading this — you know about the transition. You know what they’ve become. Still two of my favorites on a lot of levels, but you know what they’ve become. This is what they were. There’s proof, because I lived it. This is who they were.

One of many steps to who they became…

Yeah, baby steps.


I focused my board at Venice. That was just a bad day skating in Venice. I couldn’t get this line at the Sand Gaps. I was pissed, focused my board and threw that shit.


Brian is doing what’s known as taking a Puerto Rican shower. Mike Butler is in his usual stance; that’s his New Jersey stance.

More on the Puerto-Rican shower: it is basically spritzing your feet and your dick with water while you’re fully clothed, and then putting on the same clothes that you had on before and going back out into the world.

To skate more or go out?

No, just to go out and eat dinner and be regular. You’re still technically filthy as fuck but you know, you just add water.


Rene Rene and Van Engelen. This is on the way to the DC Video premiere, maybe in 2003. Rene Renee is just a character. He’s from Vancouver and he was — you know what’s wild? He originated a lot of this bullshit that’s in effect right now. He was the original sideshow, the king of the sideshow. I don’t even remember if he could skate or not, but he did something. He was the original skate rapper, he rapped, he made music, he was like the gesture. And there’s just Van Engelen with his fancy fedora, black shirt and Rolex. I like Van Engelen, Van Engelen’s sick. Dick Ramirez.


Lenny Rivas! That’s a young Lenny right there with his Circa hat. So, I guess this was like, I don’t even know what year, but Lenny was 14 or 15, and we had just met. Like all 14 or 15 year olds, he had mad questions. It was cool to chill and hang out with Lenny, because he didn’t really hang with anybody from the east coast, especially nobody like me or Brian.


Aaron Szott, that’s my guy, man! Aaron Szott is dope, we used to go on a lot of skate missions. He’s magical. A bit of a grumpy old man at times, but not in a bad way, grumpy in a motivational way. Even though we skated completely different from each other, we always had good times out on a skateboard. He’s sick.


This is the part where it should say “laughter erupts!” — when you see Rob Campbell coming up the stairs to your house with a hood on.

I’d run!

I was moving one day and I don’t know how the fuck I found Rob Campbell, but I found Rob Campbell, and he helped me move. There’s another photo of him sitting on the back of my car with his foot on the hatch of my car door, and a shoelace holding my couch into my car. And of course, he carried my couch down my stairs all by himself. “I got this nigga!” and threw that shit on his shoulder and took it out. I lived on the third floor at this point in time, but yeah, it was magical, man. Rob Campbell is an amazing person. He’s definitely it!


This is in Spain and this is Mr. Burns [Anthony Pappalardo] after waking up and finding his board focused by Danny Renaud. He was not psyched on it at all. But, like Mike Butler, there seems to be a trend with certain dudes having a pose that they use, and Mr. Burns has this pose in every photo I’ve ever taken of him. I have photos of me and him in Canada, Philadelphia, California, Spain and Florida, and he’s got the same pose. But I love him nonetheless.


So, there’s a hole in this wall, and we’re in Spain. There are some people in there smoking some kind of substance. Fred smelled the smoke, and attempted to drag us all into this hole in the wall to smoke with these random people who we don’t know and who we’ve never met. I, for one, said “I’m not going into any hole in the side of a building to sit with some people who are smoking some substance, I don’t know what the fuck it is.” But of course, Fred knew what the substance was.


That was the sample of Brian’s first shoe. It matched my house.


That’s Steve Durante right there. Steve Durante was dope. He unfortunately didn’t get his just due. A lot of people compared him to Brian, which sucked, because he was from New Jersey and they skated slightly similar.

Nollie heel, though, with the 40. Maybe that was a 22 because they used to drink a lot of 22s. Brian is just sitting back…that’s Brian’s beer right there. He’s trying to deny it, but that’s clearly his beer, even though his arms are folded. Staten Island, that was good time.


That’s Leo and Taji in the back of my car. Lurkers 2 days. [Ed. note: This is definitely a few years after the Lurkers 2 days.] Looking very young.


Van Engelen couldn’t make it for whatever reason, so there’s a photo of him on this blow up Girl doll with a Plan B shirt. It was me, Malto and Brian. This is a young Malto and they dedicated this to Van Engelen. Malto was drinking with Devine [Calloway]. They were doing shots of beer through a fucking funnel, and Brian was drinking “water,” or what he thought was water: vodka that he put in a water bottle.


Ok, so the Pussy Stretcher shirt…Sal Barbier had a store on Fairfax some years back. Sal is dope, he is one of the dopest dudes. I owe a lot to Sal. Sal, for those of you that don’t know, created this company called Aesthetics and another company called Elwood, and it was just the coolest shit. After that he made this store called SLB, and they made the Pussy Stretcher shirt.

So one day, I got some shirts from Sal, gave one to Brian, and we go to this party. This girl was enamored by Brian’s shirt, and decided to show him how she stretched her pussy, and he wasn’t too interested, because someone else was talking about smoking weed, and they had a bong. So he was looking at that while the girl was stretching her pussy. He had no interest at that point.


Me and Stevie went to G-Unit one day. I forget who we met with up there, but like, we were trying to push the Skate Property shit hard, and we had a meeting up at G-Unit. We ended up doing an interview with Whoo Kid. Actually, he ended up doing it, I didn’t do shit. It was cool to go up there, see 50, Yayo and Banks and all them dudes. At that point in time it was big for us. This was before the DGK explosion and shit. Like now, it’s a little different, but this was before all that, as you can see.


  1. i for one would like to see the rest of his pops photos.. make it happen Ian slash 1/4 snacks!!

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