#TRENDWATCH2013: Spring Trend Report


Our #trendwatch panel has been keeping a close eye on both the streets and the videos this spring so you don’t have to. Here are several noted developments.


For the first time since the eighties, the fluorescent palette has reemerged in the mainstream. This likely has something to do with #EDM, overwhelming expectations surrounding the new Daft Punk album or the tremendous year “molly” had in 2012, but reasons for skateboarding’s return to neon are less concrete. Given neon’s close ties to rave culture, #trendwatch experts suspect that the child actor version of Jack Curtin in Parental Advisory‘s rave scene may be responsible for skateboarders’ comfortable flirtation with colors otherwise reserved for ecstasy-fueled environments. Also worth noting, is that the still-living crop of VX1000 filmers is in a state of disarray given the curveball neon has thrown to their believed-to-be mastered grasp of white balance settings. To nobody’s surprise, several falling-outs have already been reported between noted filmer-skater pairs over “un-white-balanceable” attire.

Inevitable Lucas Puig-Inspired Trend


Already favored to three-peat for L.I.S.O.T.Y. (Low Impact Skater of the Year), the only question that remains for Lucas Puig in 2013 is which aspects of his Bon Voyage part will be adopted by fellow [drastically less talented] low impact skaters. Gino is well-known for momentarily re-inducting the fakie varial flip into circulation of acceptable flip tricks — could Puig leverage his popularity to propel the fakie varial heelflip to a similar flash acceptance this summer? (Dill did one some years back and it didn’t catch on, so maybe it’s doomed.) Will three stripe-emblazoned track gear spread beyond skaters confined to Parisian and London borders, and onto the legs of American skaters? Can Puig’s headwear venture, Helás, finally push the five-panel cap past the beanie for first place in the “Hats Most Often Worn By Skaters” category?



Decades since the first skateboard was ever ridden in New York, 2013 marks the first time the city’s skaters have embraced the power of wax. This isn’t to say wax was never used — it was — but only for new ledges. See, after a ledge was waxed for the first time, generations-worth of New Yorkers falsely believed the only solution to not grinding was “going faster,” unaware that it is completely reasonable to re-wax a ledge for a second, third and even fourth time. Until now, the use of wax past the initial coat was assumed to be “that Cali shit” or “for rollerbladers.” As the current generation of New York skaters has grown up in skateparks (where wax rules are more lenient and angry old guys a minority) and watching Torey Pudwill’s back tails, street spots have benefited from their liberal use of this once frowned-upon substance.

Developing Story — Darkslides

As of now, there is no east coast precedent for darkslides. The closest would be when Rodney Torres was running 360 flip front lipslides real hard and would occasionally lock in on the griptape side after a not-quick-enough 360 flip. So yeah, there’s none. However, also without prior precedent, Dylan Reider’s L.A.-heavy 2010 “Part of the Year” winner / fashion week hit caused the impossible to become standard fare for east coast kids who don’t necessarily even have exposed ankles. So you would think that Wes Kremer’s new Transworld cover and Jim Greco’s best part since Baker 2G have already sent the darkslide train on its way out east.

Vine Being Too Much Work & Not Having Enough of a Rihanna Presence to be Sustainable in the Long Term for the Skateboard Community


Does anyone see Vine making it past the spring, or is it’s longevity destined to be slightly longer than the run Pheed had when people got frightened into thinking their low-res selfies and food pics were going to be sold to the highest bidder for advertisements? Twitter is barely prominent with skaters because it requires them to write actual words; how do they expect us to make a six-second clip that is impossible to be spontaneous with and devoid of save/import capabilities? Badgalriri isn’t even on it, who cares.

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  1. Inevitable Lucas Puig-Inspired Trend => french rap songs will be that trend ! Just like how 60’s french pop songs came up thanks to Stereo (especially Jacqueline Taïeb).

  2. French rap will most likely stay in france. I expect more soccer jerseys and dadstyle swim trunks with the mesh liner

  3. Us Americans are unanimous in our belief that fellow Americans are the only ones capable of producing worthwhile rap music.

    That being said, there was a French rap song in the first QS “Best of” video, but it was utilized for inside joke purposes.

  4. true, i had a couple actual legit soccer ref jerseys [the black and white vertical stripes] that i rocked like a year ago when i found em in a thrift store, and everyone dug em. sucks, gave the last one to a rando chick, my dumbass

  5. good to know I won’t get made fun of (as much) for my green soccer jersey. remember when Brian Anderson was doing the hockey jersey thing for awhile? that shit was awesome.

  6. 5:50 of the new Diamond Days vid features a young black youth rocking both neon colors and adidas track pants although he is also on a rip stick.

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