dill ave off alien

(This is the mandatory “Dill & AVE Are Off Alien Workshop” skate site post)

Much of the QS office fell out of love with Alien Workshop in the twelve-year (and counting) drought of no Black Rob music supervision or new hires of skaters in sweatpants. Despite our toughest efforts of rekindling the flame that was initially lit by 7.4 Kalis decks and a time when capri cargoes were acceptable attire for hip-hop white guys, the magic has been gone for quite some time. And now, with a shocking resignation, the final pieces of a bygone era have severed official ties, leaving us with no straws of remaining nostalgia to grasp.

Though the Slap board will crash due to today’s news, and the Boil the Ocean guy may be writing a thinkpiece with big words on the subject, it’d probably be wrong to assume either of these guys are destined for anywhere but their own venture. Given the current state of the skate industry, where an unsponsored 21-year-old is considered over the hill and damaged goods, it is unlikely that a legacy name is going to leave an almost two-decade-long sponsor situation for another company in the few remaining years of his career. So please keep that in mind when contributing to the Great Slap Crash of 2013 with statements like “I could tottallllly see Dill on Krooked” and stuff.

Otherwise, Alien will be fine as long as the best skater alive is still on their roster. He’s just not the best person to have a conversation about rap with.

“Highwaters will be at half mast tomorrow.” — Street Piracy


  1. I think this is a good thing. They both can still skate/rip. Come to think of it, they looking for better opportunities.

  2. Yeah i dont think Jake is gonna be staying if the rumours of Dyrdek wanting to partner with the guys that make metal mullisha are true.

  3. All these people getting butthurt and heartbroke over 2 dudes that shoulda left the company 2-3 years ago need to smarten up. AWS 2013 is not the Workshop that gave us Memory Screen, Timecode, Photosynthesis, or even Mind Field. Dyrdek is not the real owner. He’s what Jay-Z was to the Nets. A figurehead, and a terrible one at that. He owns a very small piece of the marketing agency or w.e it is that really owns AWS. SMARTEN UP. This was overdue. The new AWS is very similar to the new Blueprint, they just rehashed it in secret. No offense to Donovan or Fitz because they rip and this and that… but really? They’re not AWS like Dill and AVE were. FOR FUCK SAKE AWS/HABITAT MAKES LONGBOARDS. Is that not big enough of a sign?? Jake will wise up soon enough. To Scumco? I’ve heard those rumors too.

  4. Man, this news is blowing my mind! i keep hitting refresh hoping theres an update or something.

  5. aliens terrible, god awful graphics. who fired don pendleton? i feel more ppl are gonna leave besides ave dill jake & dylan.

  6. Why would jake leave? He has this huge company that will do whatever he wants now that dill and ave are gone. Didnt he say he wanted to have the kind of control pontius alv had in that quartersnacks interview?

  7. Grant Taylor makes Jake look like a rollerblader with down syndrome. Don’t know where/when the “best skater alive” title was given to Jake, but that’s a definite stretch.

  8. Nice video, but I don’t understand why it seems the QS sound is so influenced by southern rap. Future. Rihana. RickRoss. Why?????

  9. In regards to who on AWS could talk about hip hop, I must say that I stood next to jake Johnson at a recent Ghostface show here in SF (friend of a friend). There may be hope just yet!

  10. Dill will not go to Palace. I repeat Dill will not go on Palace. 100% positive dill and ave are going to make fucking awesome an actual skate company.

  11. jake was spotted wearing a polar tee. i think he’d be so sick on polar, he’d suit ’em so well

  12. I think it’s time we all start picking up horse poop off the ground and eat it. I think I would like to go and maybe pick my nose and eat my boogers with Jason Dill as long as that’s what he is in to.

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