Skateboarding’s Favorite Jazz Song

Jazz legend Dave Brubeck passed away at the age of 91 yesterday. Beyond being fifty years ahead of the curve in wearing what would become standard issue glasses for hip skateboarders with poor eyesight (see above), Brubeck’s most famous work, “Take Five,” is likely the most oft-used jazz song among skate video editors. There is no scientific tally of recurring skate clip music supervision, but jazz songs are generally few and far between. “Take Five” seems like it pops up in a clip at least once a year, and that can’t exactly be said for anything else in the genre as it pertains to skateboarding. For evidence, consult last year’s 5Boro holiday clip, Kevin Macdonald’s part in Shitiots (9 minute mark), or the last part of the Mandible Claw video. Also 95% sure it was in the old Church of Skatan video that Drake Jones had a part in, but his is the only section available online.

As a change of pace, here’s Damian Smith’s Philly-heavy part from the 2001 Santa Cruz video, Uprising, in which he skates to Brubeck’s “Far More Drums.”

Somewhat related to jazz supervision in skateboarding: Jahmal William’s DNA video part and Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things”


  1. that damian part is insane, feels like he graduated from the oyola school of speed with a dual major in nollies

  2. yeah I think Damien definitely graduated from Oyola University. Didn’t every Philly skater study there? ;)

    Altho I think Ricky and Damien sort of came up at the same time because Ricky was already on the older side when he emerged as a pro. I remember Damien being the “young guy” on the Sub Zero team that particpated in the Real Life video. (my squeaky 14 year old voice can be heard towards the end of the video after a Love Gap attempt)

    Either way, I was lucky enough to be a Philly skate rat from about 94 to 99 so I got to see plenty of great shit first hand from both of them. This new part is indeed the bomb. that is all

  3. oh and – my personal fav piece of Jazz in a skate video – Coltrane’s “Blue Train” used in Eastern Exposure 2 during the Philly section.

  4. Studying Dave Brubeck in my music appreciation class. Looks like I have something cool to bring up to my deaf teacher

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