Video Review: Pretty Sweet [Spoiler Alert]

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Girl and Chocolate premiered Pretty Sweet in New York this past Sunday. Like most of their videos, it will initiate several trends (540 tricks on street, for one), and come to encapsulate this particular moment in skateboarding more than any video of the past year or two. Even Kanye West showed up to watch it, likely for Spike Jonze related reasons more than rappers-suddenly-like-skateboarding ones. “The blackest white guy,” Michael Rapaport, was also in attendance.

Below are a some thoughts on the video. If you have not seen it and want to go in fresh, don’t read anything below this line. Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. Ben “Burger Boy” Sanchez had the best part. Whoops.


Intros are a dispensable skate video tradition. Girl has long been the anomaly: the Mouse intro is as good as anything in the video and the Fully Flared explosions are still impressive. Pretty Sweet‘s intro channels one of capital-C cinema’s most famous openings for a grandiose one-shot take that involves maybe fifty variables, dozens of people and two confetti canons. It is not often that you’ll be thirty minutes into a skate video and still wondering how the they pulled off the intro.

When Pretty Sweet‘s teaser was released a year ago, anyone born before 1990 assumed it would take a “mostly parts from young kids I don’t care about and shared parts of the older dudes I grew up watching” route. For the “I’d rather watch Gino push” crowd, that’s exactly what the video is. Pretty Sweet is perhaps the first skate video made with a generational shift in mind. (The park-to-street transition 25 years ago is a different topic.) The format used to be a set roster complimented by two or three new kids; that 70/30 split is inversed here.

The pre-1990ers are aging along with favorites who they have a particular attachment to. Rick, Carroll, Koston, Gino, etc. are the “first” (thus “best” or most influential) generation of street skaters. Unfortunately, nobody is making The Expendables for skateboarding. Girl’s best way to cover a few bases moving forward is by diversifying the roster and humanizing presumed “robots” with solid music supervision and toning down the flip-in-flip-outs. The average open minded grown-up will step away from Pretty Sweet liking Corey Kennedy more (great song and a higher amount of basic tricks than expected), but Mike Mo less (not-so-good song and too many flip tricks that aren’t actual tricks.)

Pretty Sweet reserves a skit for generational self-deprecation, in which actor Will Arnett finds different ways to call Carroll and Koston old, and asks Alex Olson to do tricks “that someone under thirty could appreciate.” Girl has a sense of humor about its twenty-year history, and is self aware enough to toss in jokes, or an Olson type with a style implicitly tied to simpler times to go over with an older crowd. But generally speaking, companies do not prioritize skaters in their thirties. Sorry guys, but the kids would not rather watch Gino go grocery shopping.

Koston, Carroll, Brian Anderson and Gino all have footage, with their appearances in the five-to-ten trick range. A Rick Howard cameo is sorely missed and Anthony Pappalardo, much to the dismay of message board apologists everywhere, is nowhere to be seen.

However, not all of the vets relegate themselves to bit parts. Jeron Wilson, who shares a section with Brandon Biebel, pulls through with twice the amount of clips he had in Yeah Right! In a “I can’t believe it took them so long to think of this” moment, Jesus Fernandez skates to the finest music supervision of 2012, though it is understandable if that honor is only agreed upon by fans of a certain Coen Brothers movie. Also, Marc Johnson was made aware of the dignity to be had in a one-song video part.

The main contribution from the first generation comes via Guy Mariano. His part has the most unnameable combo tricks in the video. It is impressive, the kids will dig it (the more complicated, the better…think about how many people’s first favorite skater was Rodney Mullen), but one is left to wonder: is all this NBD technical shit necessary? He does a front smith laser flip out — it is impossible to make that trick look good. With Jake Johnson, Lucas Puig, Spaniards, etc. carving a niche of high-brow tech trick selection in recent years, it would have been nice to see Mariano, one of their blueprints (and the guy who once filmed the video part with the best ensemble trick selection ever), exhibit some technical restraint. In Pretty Sweet, he seems midway between keeping up with the kids and making up for lost time.

Things come full circle with an outro that skaters can unanimously embrace, regardless of age. They took Daft Punk’s “Teachers,” a song that paid homage to the group’s influences and predecessors in electronic music, and remixed it to run down all the skaters who paved the way for the hundred big flips you just witnessed. The visual accompaniment is a barrage of cameos from all of the names mentioned, which likely took excruciating lengths to obtain. It is a skate nerd overload. Hopefully, it sends some young kids sifting through old video parts on YouTube.

Pretty Sweet comes out on DVD and iTunes November 27th.

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  1. i gave up skating for hobbit woodworking and metal scrapping. “curb alert” has a completely different meaning to me these days

  2. Solid review. I was at the premiere and the video was typically epic, but I think I slightly prefer Fully Flared for the more creative intro and better parts by the older members. One thing that I couldn’t get over was how people like Devine, Castillo, Pappalardo and others still have boards with their name, yet didn’t have parts in the video. Over the five years it took to create, they didn’t have any footage? With the older pros taking on more of a business role, I get their shorter parts, but still would’ve been nice to see some Rick footage. Guy’s part proves that older doesn’t mean dead. All that said, I’ll definitely be picking up the Blu Ray. It was a great experience to see it on a big screen, thanks to Girl, Chocolate, DQM, etc. The last movie I saw in that theater was Spike Jonze’s Adaptation so to see Spike in person brought it full circle.

  3. yes how did chris roberts/devine calloway/justin eldridge not have full parts, what have they been doing for the past 5 years? are their entire parts on the bonus?

  4. Devine and Pops are no longer on Chocolate, this is pretty old news but if you didn’t know, they been off a while.

    Justin Eldridge and Chris Roberts had a little more than a few tricks but not much and Castillo had a line I think that was two tricks.

    They probably have more in the bonus but this video was all about showcasing the new dudes that never had parts before.
    And Guy!


  6. guys part sucked. oooh shit. yeah i said it. that fucking melodramatic singing bitch and the lazer show ruined it for me. at least

  7. Identity Crisis is in full effect.
    obey the prophet when he speaks and you will be blessed.
    all be to prophet jonze.

  8. I felt like the only part where the Ty Evans shit really worked and was dope was Kennedy. Everything else that had that stamp on it blew. Esp Mariano. Maybe a Kid Cudi cover was a marketing decision, but whatever it was it was fucking vile.

    Take out Mike Mo, Malto, Mariano, and maybe the mexican kid who still has little kid style and it’s a pretty damn good video.

  9. fuck, after the intro and vincent alvarez part i knew the video was going to be sicc!
    I really liked the transition to NWA in the first part

  10. marc’s part was surprisingly low key which made it sicker. elijah’s footage<elijah hype.
    olson skates in some really heinous nikes i can only hope aren't his pro shoe prototypes.
    his part got turned into some kinda sad joke. had the same raw footage been edited by anyone else it wouldve seemed less awkward.

  11. i found this review unbalanced and inconsistent

    ” is all this NBD technical shit necessary?”

    really? cant talk out of both sides of your mouth as a reviewer
    skating has always had its ‘paradigm’ shifts- LOL
    whether its big and baggy or super tech and skinny

    what looks ugly is a matter of opinion
    to do tricks never seen or done before is ‘creating’
    to trivialize that creativity by calling it ‘overly techinical’ or ‘ugly’ is hypocitical for a site that tries to be so purist about skating
    that kind of criticism just sounds straight up jealous that you dont got guy mariano skills

    who cares?
    reviews are stupid and treating pretty sweet like its raging bull is stupid

    this isnt raging bull, though no other company’s gonna have the same pull with a spike jonze on their board of directors or actually know the director they jokingly acknowledged in video days

    for a company that has the ability to help define a culture , it is a shame
    there was some worry of needing to appeal to the fickle younger audience who still need to be told what to like and what to do. young people dont know shit.

    guy mariano is one of the only people in this world who can skate at the level he does at his age , or any age for that matter
    if there’s another like him that would be like a kobe/lebron after jordan moment but probably still not as good

    those named in comparison to stallone’s expendables is also wack

    all these dudes got crazy history and ability beyond any up n comer who wont last beyond their mid 20s-who have contributed and made skating a viable way of life, because you couldnt make no living skating like you can now

    pay respect where its due because nonbody else since powell peralta has affected skateboarding like girl

    these dudes are the first real generation that have made their livings skating, cant say that about fat old dudes who came and went in and out of jail etc

    to be relevant and defining the culture at their age is special

    appreciate it
    dont hate or over analyze it
    or think you are above it
    cuz you isnt

    half of these inane comments are from stupid kids who will be strung out, a banker, in jail, dead, etc by the time they are the age of the ‘expendables’ core of GIRL
    and they sure as hell wont be pulling no smith to lazer out when they is 36 years old
    or whatever that trick equivalent will be in the year 2033

    you got 20 years to prove you is in the same boat
    after you put up
    then you can talk shit

    if quarter snack makes it to 2033
    and you isnt in jail or 12 ft under in the husdon

    then you can talk shit too reviewer guy

    but until then appreciate stupid people
    this is like the 90s bulls, aint gonna be another run like this for a long time

  12. yo wavy dada and that quote of the week. You are absolutely wrong. White vegan malnourished folks have been eating those for decades in hippie communes to survive check yo facts latino.

  13. haha mcshred.. over-analyze the over-analyzer? nice approach. guy hasn’t been dope since mouse. ever since he wrecked one of our fellow ny’ers home and life and had to disappear for a while. even powell videos and h-street shit is looked back on with a bit of regret, as far as the styles and trick selection went, so saying this vid could transcend any future (let alone present) hate is outside the realm of possibilities.. ledge dancing wasn’t cool in retrospect and isn’t cool now. freestyle skating was seen as ‘creative’ but that shit got cast off too.

    the people on this site aren’t kids like you seem to think, but besides all your faulty claims, this is a place for skate commentary- deal with it.. or try just writing all your thoughts down on paper. it will help you release angst as you enter your geriatric years.

  14. if this is a place to spout skate commentary
    McShred can say his piece too
    you can say you like or dislike how dudes
    like Mariano be putting it down
    to each his own

    i dont like your style, your lines, your trick selection
    you dont like my style, blah blah blah

    who cares
    have fun and min your own biznasty

  15. paradigm

    what the fuck is that anyway? like a bootleg patagonia?

    Mariano’s first part after Mouse was Lakai, and although it was really good, after you watch it a few times you get this sinking feeling that, this guy skating, he maybe is not as cool as you though he was.

    But we held out, blamed it on Ty Evans or whatever. But here we have it confirmed, a second positive test.

    I think that’s what’s so hard for everyone to take, that this dude, who seemed so raw and perfect in 1996, really might just be a dork.

    I figure for him, the person who skated in that Mouse part is also the person that almost killed him, and I don’t blame him for wanting to get as far away from that dude as he can.

    But as an obsessive consumer of romanticized versions of skateboarding, I don’t have to like it.

    PS: I still blame some of this on Evans, that song choice was so fucking corny, if Mariano picked it fine, he’s a cornball, but damn that song fucking blows. It’s such like a cheesy ploy to elicit a specific reaction to his footage, and skaters especially old guys like us do not like to be led to the water, be told how to feel or think.

  16. Dude you forgot the best part of the song at the end is that all the ex riders sheffey,Diaz,Johnson,Stevie,York,and Mulder are in it too

  17. “The average open minded grown-up will step away from Pretty Sweet liking Corey Kennedy more (great song and a higher amount of basic tricks than expected), but Mike Mo less (not-so-good song and too many flip tricks that aren’t actual tricks.)”

    EXACTLY how I felt about that. Kennedy’s and Mike Mo’s parts are both sick, but Mike Mo’s lacks the punch he had in Beware the Flare. At first I was kind of surprised at Kennedy’s song choice, but it’s perfect. Such a sick ender, too!

  18. you alll sound stupid analyzing skate videos
    and making any judgements about who the skaters are
    and trying to thread some kind of history and character judgement on somebody you
    dont know. the crap youre complaining about is exactly the point of these hollywood takes
    on what used to be nickel dime productions. its where spike jonze is

    its hilarious yous are critical of things like the music supervision
    if you knew better you wouldnt still be slummin it ,
    laying down slappys at st marks

    paradigm = a model

    wtf is a rocktakon

  19. I was never talking about who Guy Mariano is, I have no idea, I’m talking about who a skate video makes us think he is.

  20. I think you definitely have to watch pretty sweet more than once. i watched this just one time, and I think I like Cory Kennedy’s and MJ’s parts the best. They mix style with technical tricks in a very good way. I think Mike Mo is a bit of a letdown, but probably due to the fact, that his Fully Flared part was revolutionary.
    I think it’s just super hard to top Fully Flared, and they didn’t even want to try that. (i know it’s not a girl video, but definitely there are a lot of the same riders). I think Fully Flared changed skateboarding, and changed skate videos, and for some reason I think Pretty Sweet didn’t live up to the expectations. But that was how I felt when I watched the Nyjah Huston video for the first time. I thought it was a letdown. And then re-watched it, and noticed how incredible every trick was. At some points I too felt, that the camera motion was over exaggerated, and that it actually took away from the skating. For like the core-skating experience. It was overly crystal clear, and something that felt like it was “directed”. all the way.

    I think over-analyzing is bad, but having a discussion about this video is interesting and good.

    I think when you talk about a “revolutionary part” just like how they were talking about Guy’s part, I imagine myself a Stay Gold – Andrew Reynolds caliber of a part. Now that’s a super insane, and nicely edited (and shot) part. Just like the whole Stay Gold. I felt that video was unitary in terms of filming, creation and skating.

    I have the same feeling with every Girl video that they just have too many riders, and too many long skits, that after a while it gets overwhelming and just too much, hard to watch, all in one. It just gets boring, and hard to accomodate.

    I felt the music selection did not fit well with the vibe of the video. They shouldve went with somekind of a faster-pace, happier music. Just like they did in Fully Flared. I think the key parts in that video were the key parts due to the great music selection too. For example the Arcade Fire song in Mike Mo’s part, and the Band of Horses mayhem in Guy’s part. I also liked MJ’s music.

    I kind of wanted Mike Mo to have the first part, and I wanted him to really show what he’s been hiding from us, in the past years.. but he couldn’t… He has nice flow, and style, he is one of the best line/ledge/ skaters. He shouldve had more longer and tech lines, with some more tricks like his nollie flip crooked grinds, to connect some of the NBD’s. i wouldve loved that. The way Cory Kennedy’s ender line was filmed, was incredible. Mike Mo’s part shouldve had better, more dynamic filming.

    I liked Malto’s part. After all the Street League hate towards him (only doing nosegrinds, etc) it was nice to see some clean and lofty flip tricks from him.

    Missing a proper Biebel and Koston part was of course a letdown and a pity. Someone above said, that Koston only wanted hard and NBD tricks, I think he shouldve just kept it a bit more simple, so we couldve watched his skating more.

    All in all, the first impression is important, but it’s not always completely correct.
    I think I’m going to re-watch it and then try to talk a bit more about it.

    best parts imo:

    Cory Kennedy
    Sean Malto

  21. Oh and I appreciate the life story of Guy Mariano, and I respect him, for being out there and killing it, with insane tricks, but for some reason I just don’t like his style. I don’t like watching him skate. Even though the does insane tricks. Probably he will be SOTY due to his whole carreer and all, but I don’t think he deserves it. His ender was obviously game-changing though.

  22. This review is stupid, dont judge skaters and the tricks they do, im 19 but I appreciate all types of skating. I am honestly just surprised at the ignorance of this review. THIS IS SKATEBOARDING, NOT A FUCKING FILM FESTIVAL.

  23. Koston’s a good example- what you see in videos doesnt truly reflect how someone truly skates, he is way better in person

    Videos are never true to life
    They are artificial representations of a person in a moment in time-good or bad edit, music , doesnt matter , its still not ‘real’

    getting down on mike mo like he’s kind of lost it becasue his video part is kind of so-so
    is hilarious

    Yeah style , whatever, he’s got style he doesnt whatever, stupid to talk about
    worry about fixing your own bad limp wrist style, not the guy who’s making a living doing what you wish you could be getting paid to do


  25. “dont judge skaters and the tricks they do” is essentially saying “dont have an opinion on anyone’s skateboarding” newsflash bro: every fucking skater has an opinion on every other skaters.

    anyone who is saying “reviews are stupid” is a moron. all of you have fucking reviews of this video, whether its btwn your friends or on some skate blog. that “opinions are like assholes” idiom doesnt excuse skaters.

    skaters talk shit. they’re nerds. its been that way forever and will always be that way.

  26. Like everyone, I had been waiting and expecting something big. I then read the quartersnacks’ review and felt like it was a pretty straightforward and a solid review. After all this, I then watched it a couple of times. I was not disappointed by the vid. It was good, however, I was surprised by guy, mikemo,lack of eldridge footage, and corey. I guess I expected something else from these dudes. Anyhow, I was really surprised to find that I really like Vincent and Marc’s part. I’m not really a fan of Marc, the only other part of his I liked was 7 steps to Heaven (the Maple video). Two other dudes that really surprised me were malto and corey. I thought Corey was going to be more gnarly, but his part was really sick. Malto’s part, though, straight up surprised me. I guess he doesn’t do the same tricks everytime. And he doesn’t skate little handrails. He stepped up to Bake and Destroy status.

    I think Girl/Chocolate/Lakai got another bench mark video after all. Only this time the video looks like the trends will go back to complies, wallrides, latepressure flips, 540s, and all the willy santos curb dancing of the early 90’s. I hope the music doesn’t become a trend, it was horrendous. And I hope someone makes a re-edit with different music. I’m down to purchase a copy.

    All in all, I’m a washed up skater who can’t do any of the tricks done in this video (that is except what Daniel Castillo does) so for that reason I have mad respects for these heads.


  27. nah wikipedia
    not everyone’s like you

    judgers and haters is t’same thing
    and both t’is the same kind of parasites that sticks together

  28. t’is also different when you sayin ‘i can do that smith grind lazer out,theres an understandin
    of what it takes by experience, but if you cant do it to it
    you look pretty stoopid openin yo big mouth no matter how it looks to yo eyes

    dats the point yous got to put up or shut up and wiki gots to admit he dont know everythin
    smith grind n lazer flip it or zip it

  29. Pretty sweet was basically a newer version of fully flared. Thank God the video had the new kids on block from Chocolate and Malto or else this vid would have been all ledge dancing. Guy Mariano’s part was good but over hyped. It’s sad to see that Devine Calloway and Anthony Papalardo weren’t in it. It’s also sad because with this video you see the death of the veterans’ careers in skating (Koston, McCrank, Howard, Caroll, etc.)

  30. yo mr. g
    you crazy? koston still goinn to be better than most of us when he really is a grandpa in a wheelchair
    how you definining skate career is ludicrazy
    the only thing you said that make sense
    is that pretty sweet is a newer version of fully flared
    that is true since its 2012 and fully flared was made in 1996
    yo comment wasnt good or overhyped
    it just straight up dirty drawerz

  31. LOL
    quarter snacks deletes comments

    if you gonna criticize the best there is, you should be abvle to take some crticisim of your own dime cent vids

  32. Thank the good Prince of Darkness that I acquired this video via iTunes in a standard definition format for 10 buckeroos. This was a major let down for an aging rider such as myself. Kennedy killed it with Seger. A much appreciated change in pace. Where the flock is Rickk? Where’s my Gino teaser clips? Noseslide on the bank to fencing box? Back noseblunt to fakie on the DYI bridge quarter? Regardless if they were already released, put those puppies in the video for the Valley brats to see and ultimately in time, understand. Overall, I say, when’s the Creature video premiere? That shit looks ‘Hesh.’

  33. Nobody deleted anybody’s comment. Comments sometimes accidentally get sent to spam by WordPress, it happens. (Not going to go through 4,000 links to buy Viagra to find the one non-spam comment though.) There’s no conspiracy against you for liking lazer flips. Feel free to say whatever you want, that’s why this box is here.

  34. yo snack
    i dont like lazer flips
    but im going to learn every kind of slide and grind to lazer flip
    since i just saw it in a video

  35. I do say, dylan spots everywhere in alex’s part, more specifically alex’s ender and that black rail. Also, i think dylans impossible nosemanual on that hubba was better than cory kennedys fakie flip fakie manual on it.

  36. I liked the video. So what if it was cheesy and wasnt your favorite previous video from whatever and the music wasn’t to your liking. It showcases the best thing ever, good ass niggas skating sick ass spots and having fun doing it as a crew. Sorry its not another LES Park montage boys. Everyone’s progressed and thats all that matters. Be it in film making, skateboarding, and all around tastes they just kept it moving along. You’re gonna like it or hate it, but it doesnt matter, because in the end, they’ll still be great, respected, and skate legends and really not giving an ounce of fucks of what any of you think about the video. I think every part ruled especially Vincent Alvarez, whom I think personally had my favorite part and to be honest. But then again, what do I know…. I haven’t hated on anything dealing with the actual action of skateboarding in a really long time aside for the barrage of Park Montages.

  37. Also, awesome review Snack. It wasn’t biased… it was straightforward and to the point. Applause mon frer!

  38. the video was good. but i must say i found myself bored a lot. ledge dancing is getting really old. i want to see more style and pushing, actual skating. flip in flip out whatever is boring. I liked marcs, maltos, and vincents parts but thats about it. for me marcs part was not a let down at all, he style is so relaxed and calm, while doing ridiculous tricks. he also had some lines where he looked like he was cruising. that was sick. Malto surprised me big time. hammers everywhere. good bag of tricks. horrible song though. best part for me hands down was vincents. he killed it. so much style and creativity. it was rad to watch. all in all not a bad video, but i agree it needs a re-edit with new music. pops part would be great, im sure koston is working on something for nike. i get guy likes doing his weird whatever tricks, but its getting really old, i agree his style sucks. last trick was sick but im not impressed. videos like stay gold, or anything alien puts out and sick. Dylan Rieder! style. hope skateboarding doesnt keep going in the weird boring over down tricks. im over it. lets see some style, id rather watch austin stephens push down the street and do some kickflips then watch this flip in flip out crap.

  39. does anyone out there wish for a noah like story to wipe out overly-advanced skateboarding and start it from scratch so that curb stalls are fun again and 50-50s are acceptable? just think, every little kid wouldnt skate, every skater wouldnt be am level regardless of title, and skateboarding would be fresh again. And then there wouldnt be mediocre tools sucking up the spotlight and leaving actual good people and skaters in the dark with no support bc they dont portray themselves as jocks and dont sell out. Skateing would be purer. I wish for a skateboarding deluge.

  40. I’m 35 and still skate everyday. I love skateboarding in 2012 just as much as I did in 1987. Hater’s always gonna hate. Fuck ’em, who cares! Skateboarding is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’ll keep doing it until I can’t walk! Peace.

  41. seems like there’s way more older dudes skating now than when I was
    16 and when you become an adult with responsibilities (kids+job)
    its not the same where you can go out and try some shit that you could get messed up on and not be able to bring home the bacon and pay a lot of cash to fix your arm/leg-. so had to let go of that kind of skating

    i know the big names out there make a ton but when you see dudes like koston are worth $15 M they have to try for the super hard shit, its their job and the mouths they feed depend on it, though if I was worth that much I would probably stop and just have more fun

    aint no shame in going small when you got mouths to feed and your job isnt to skateboard
    sucking by today’s video + 16 yr old standards is okay too

    most people will eventually get fat and suck
    just a matter of time

    its cool you still skate period
    thats all its about
    and all that other noise people make about how and what
    is irrelevant

  42. “He does a front smith laser flip out — it is impossible to make that trick look good.”

    the great part about skateboarding is that this will eventually be proven wrong, alot like the ‘grinding up a rail’ thing went from a being tounge-in-cheek special FX moment in Yeah Right! ; to a reality in 2011. No offense Snack; great review as usual.

  43. Honestly, this video was freaking amazing. Maybe this videos got a bunch of technical shit because it is something called progression? The special effects were tight and honestly a lot of them tricked me and I had to rewind it. The point of videos isn’t to show the same guys doing the same tricks on different spots, it’s to do new tricks or new spots or both combined. This video I felt was what skatings all about, a group of guys going all over the place having a shit load of fun. Ill admit, when the new talent came on I was who the fuck is this , but their skating answered that. Overall, if you don’t like this video, it seems like y’all can’t accept change.

    P.S. if you think skaters care about tricks like smith lazers looking ugly, look at how some of them dress you’ll realize they dgaf

  44. to “eco” –

    actually, the point of skate videos isn’t necessarily mind blowing progression or anything like that, it’s just to watch people skate. different kinds of videos are good in their own ways. i’ll agree that girl/chocolate videos have always been (at least partially) about progression, doesn’t mean every skate video has to be in order to be good. if that were the case, no one would ever watch old videos.

    furthermore, don’t write off people not liking a video as “y’all can’t accept change”. a lot of the music fucking sucked (in my opinion). the shots of cory kennedy smiling 10 times in his part were totally unnecessary and lame. i actually enjoyed the jack black / will arnett skits, but plan to skip them in the future. guy’s skating these days, while mind-blowing if you just THINK about what the trick is, is not fun to watch. he’s an amazing skater and always has been, but the way he skated in mouse was simply much more fun to watch than he is now. i don’t know if its trick selection, style, or both, but its not the same. it was also a bummer seeing no rick howard, only one mccrank clip, very little BA, etc.

    but there are some good things: jeron had some of his best footy ever, and at least some of the new kids are sick. vincent alvarez is timeless; he could fit into any girl / choco video. sickest skater in the video probably. raven and elijah also did some sick shit that did not involve any ledge dancing. alex olson came through with some very sick footage as well. marc johnson had one of his best parts ever, because it seemed like he wasn’t stressing so much and was cruising more. video’s worth watching for some good skating, but that’s not what anyone is complaining about. what people here (and elsewhere) are complaining about is more how the video is put together than anything (except in the case of guy mariano – in that case the complaints are about the skating), and those complaints are valid.

  45. Amazing video that is about more than just skateboarding.
    It’s about life. To appreciate the past and endorse the future.
    Respecting what once was and not forgetting about the people or things that made you but also setting a path for those who will follow.
    Girl/Chocolate is all about that and I love them for that.

    And yes, Guy’s part was amazing. And that cover by Lissie is great.

  46. Sorry Robby, it’s actually about selling skateboards and T-shirts. with a subtle subtext of appreciating life n shit.

  47. Also I agree with a lot of what you said Bob, but you need to take that shit back about Corey Kennedy dog, he has a really nice smile.

  48. McCrank was the first person to be seen in the intro doing his usual face so was expecting more than 1 trick and a finger point to his cast. Feels like half the movie was filmed in China. More bust-free spots or marketing/Asia sales?

  49. Well I think the video was put together hella clean, because it is hella entertaining. My friend that does not skate at all watched the whole video and was like that was sick. It was a new approach to the filming of skateboarding, because the technology (and $$$) are improving, and the high def makes it hella sick, so I can watch this shit when I take the bus to the school. The video highlights having fun. And to be honest, guy probably did that shit to stand out, he’s tired of doing the same old shit. It’s not fun to travel with a bunch of people and do the same tricks as them. The credits is hella funny and shows how they do some of the special effects, which I thought was interesting. Basically the whole video was all skating, which was tight, and the only thing I was disappointed in was mike mos part was hella short.

  50. Why the fuck is everyone overlooking Alvarez’ part?

    Dude is super clean with an amazing style.

    Even though he went first i still think (after watching it the second time around) That he had one of the best part

  51. Why is everybody mad at the review? Trunk Boys saved chocolate & ripped the video! Girls younger pros definatly held it down. I still would like to see the OGs skate more. Marketing & instagram hyped me to get my mind blown, wich didn’t ‘happen happen’ but I still respect the video

  52. To Eco-

    Anyone who uses “hella” that much clearly doesn’t have a relevant opinion.

  53. The Bar Kays “Holy Ghost” is to Pretty Sweet as Mannie Fresh’s “Real Big” was to Fully Flared

  54. This video was hella sweet and like all videos
    a lot of this stuff was not just filmed last week, unlike a lot of the stuff you see thrown together nowadays on vimeo

    so for these hella rad skaters, its already hella old
    even though to most of us its hella fresh

    which still says something about hella progression

  55. roctakon,

    i was surprised he used the lissy song too, but whatever, it’s just a song, and not even close to the worse one in the video. you like the trujilo trio better?

    You’re talking about a man in his mid-30s not being cool anymore. of course he’s not. maybe he was always a dork and the internet wasn’t there to document it. Either way, who cares? you either like his skating or you don’t.

  56. video was sick. old people may not like it, but this is a new generation. skateboarding has changed since mouse, and to expect the same type of tricks is just stupid. cory killed it, malto killed it, mo killed it, mj killed it

  57. That’s a great thought about Guy always being the same skater, and the trends deciding when he’s ‘cool’ and when he isn’t. Also agree with roctakon that maybe Guy is trying to not be the mouse dude who almost destroyed him.
    It’s a fine line between “it’s progression dude, deal with it” and maintaining that there is some form of style and beauty to the aesthetic of skateboarding, and sometimes it doesn’t look good.
    I feel like most people tend to endorse the former than the latter, but this is because they are not thinking about what the former entails. Can we no longer say what we like, what is good and bad, on anything except what is nbd, what is complicated and ungraceful? Who knows. I don’t wanna subscribe to that. Ronson Lambert can stay the fuck away.
    Cory Kennedy shouldn’t have been a surprise if you did more than watch his berrics park clips and Beware of Sasquatch. Kenny and MJ and the few Carroll and Gino clips held it down for the OG’s, Carroll got dangerous with that ollie over a rail and the backsmith ender. Berle and Raven were sick, Olsen too, he could front 3 over anything.

    Ty Evans is still the worst. Even in the ill-suited genres like the sappy alternative rock songs, he manages to pick terribly. Thank fuck for Sam Cooke and David Bowie. Still want avoid thinking about Mariano. I’d rather go skate something silly.

  58. I have two copies of that Bar-Kays 12′ but it aint no Real Big.

    Nobody is talking about Alverez because it”s probably the most obviously dope part in the video. Who wouldn’t like that part.

    Watched Guy again, love a lot of the not dancing tricks, like the lip slide and the wall ride to crook in LA, song still awful, and his style is mad weird. I have a really hard time feeling a skater who’s wearing Obey gear.

  59. It should be noted that I understand that all of my opinions about skating are irrational, and rooted in nostalgia, and understand that all I ever want out of a video is for people to skate to good songs and seem like they’re cool.

    I’ll watch old VHS footage of your little brother learning to boardslide if you set it to good music.

    And cool like True Romance cool, not like he was nice to you at a demo cool…

  60. watching this video was kind of bittersweet for me… sort of a bummer to see “those guys” on their way out the door… not hating on the video, cause I know they are getting older, but it’s too bad there wasn’t more from koston, mccrank, howard, BA, carroll, Brenes, etc. Those dudes have always been the ones holding it down. Also, I didn’t feel like the video really represented too much forward progression. As sick as Mariano’s part was, I’m not really a fan of the trick selection. The endless lazer flips, and every kind of heelflip out of every kind of bluntslide, definitely got old.

    Some thoughts:

    -Malto’s part. I thought it was by far the most complete, well rounded and jaw-dropping part in the whole video, actually had cool music, and should’ve for sure been last part (after all, why end with Mariano when the video seemed to sort of be about handing things over to the new guys?).

    -The fact that Jeron Wilson somehow put together a BETTER part (or at least as good) than he had in Yeah Right TEN YEARS AGO. He really got his shit together.

    -Kennedy’s part. So sick. The last ten tricks all blew my mind and he is way more well rounded than people have given him credit for.

    -don’t understand how eldrige and kenny anderson had so little footage since they haven’t had full parts in almost forever, but what they had was good at least

    -the music mostly sucked and in mariano’s case almost ruined the part

    -mocapaldi’s part was decent considering he’s been so injured.

    -the skits with jack black and will arnette weren’t that funny

    -MJs skating was amazing, as usual. don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  61. And plus if you’re saying you don’t like this video you don’t like the new style of skating and what it is. Skatings all about having fun and if you think hopping from front tail to blunt isn’t fun then your wong, along with a large amounts of flip tricks in and out. Im sure that they weren’t forced to “ledge dance” and they choose to do it. The way the video is put together is sick, it’s a modern approach.

  62. for everyone bitching about guys song, i assumed it was just a continuation (conclusion?) of the mouse-era thing of skating to songs sampled in hip hop (the lissie cover was mainly used in that one hands on the wheel song)

  63. saying ‘hopping from a front tail to blunt isnt fun is wong’ is racist
    The way the vidoe is put together isn’t modern, it’s post post modern

  64. Id rather watch Dylan or Tim Tim and Austin Stephens skate down the street then watch this video.

  65. Or anything in the video even the Ollie’s y’all suck and hate cuz you can’t skate pretty sweet for the win and stfu to all haters. Eco is right

  66. “Too many flip tricks that aren’t actual tricks.” Every trick that he did was an actual trick you fucking retard. They all have titles to them, so they exist. I can tell some bias thirty-to-forty year old, that hasn’t been plugged into the skateboarding community for the last ten years wrote this review. Mike Mo took revolutionized skateboarding and improved it even more. Name one trick he did that wasn’t actually a trick and I’ll believe you, but he is just as influential to this way of life, as anyone else. Brian Anderson was doing bonelesses for christ sake and Guy Mariano was doing 180 Nosegrinds Laser Out, and you’re indicating that an impossible late flip manual isn’t really a trick. Don’t bag on people that xan make you look like a fool.

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